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With a chance to put themselves in great position for fourth place in the Premier League – which would clinch them a spot back in Champions League – after Tottenham lost yesterday; classic Manchester United crapped the bed this morning, losing 4-0 to Everton in a disgraceful showing. After the horrific loss, in addition to many other inexcusable losses in their recent stretch of six losses in their past eight games – it may be safe to count the Reds out from a Champions League return; the main goal. But more importantly, what’s gone wrong? Wasn’t this team on top of the football world just a couple of months ago after a red-hot start under new manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær? The answer is yes, and this team has absolutely fallen off a cliff. Here’s my opinion on it as a United supporter: First of all, let’s recognize the elephant in the room; this team looks dead as nails. I don’t know what the reason is, but this team isn’t playing with half of the passion and freedom they played with on their amazing stretch. That’s a massive problem, especially in such a grueling stretch of must-win matches. Secondly, the other main culprit; the entire backline INCLUDING goalkeeper David de Gea. Starting with the defenders, us fans have no words. There’s no excuse to not totally revamp the line this summer. For de Gea, it’s time to put some blame on him. I’m a goalkeeper myself, and de Gea is my FAVORITE player in the world, but something looks wrong with his play and body language. He doesn’t look sharp, or aggressive. Just very passive. We should hope this isn’t the end of his United tenure, but he needs a summer to rejuvenate badly. The attacking has been subpar as well, and that relates back to the part on playing dead and slow. So in terms of what’s next, United should prepare for a Europa League run next season. It sucks, but it’s imminent at this point. Though, this is a CRUCIAL summer for the club. This is a very basic analysis, but retaining de Gea and Pogba will be a huge priority, as well as revamping the entire defense, and adding PROVEN goal scorers to help the input of goals. What are your thoughts? Talk below!

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