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Looking Back on My Pre-Summer Predictions

Check out my Instagram post where I break it all down! View this post on Instagram   Time to take a look at how accurate my pre-summer predictions were. . . . Let’s start with the good. I was spot on about Kawhi to the Clippers, and as I said in my podcast, this was the right move for him. He can’t go much higher in Toronto, and nor can the Raptors with that team. Plus, he gets to be where he desires for the first time in his career. . . . Next, I was also accurate about...

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Pre-Summer 2019 Predictions

Check out my Instagram post where I break it all down! View this post on Instagram   If I’m going to be away, here are some future #FreezingColdTakes for you guys to laugh at while I’m away: . . . • Kawhi is going to be a Clipper. He did his job for Toronto, and people forget that the Clippers have arguably the most well-run franchise in the NBA right now. Let him have a new challenge, and win one for his home city. . . . • While Brooklyn truly isn’t a “big market”, Kyrie will go there,...

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Check out my Instagram post where I break down my BOLDEST takes of January!   View this post on Instagram January was a big month for ColeOnSports. We successfully kicked off my podcast with five episodes (now six after last night) and have an awesome path going forward in terms of getting people on the show. . . . It has been hectic in terms of my time to post EVERYTHING I want to, but I wanted to kind of organize my takes by making a post recapping my biggest ones of January! . . . My biggest and...

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Reacting to Summer 2018’s Biggest Headlines

After seven weeks genuinely disconnected from the world of sports and social media, I’m finally all caught up and ready to return to the Instagram grind. But first though, I’d like to provide my reaction to the biggest headlines of Summer 2018. . . . NBA: Starting with the Awards, I was very disappointed to find out LeBron was robbed of MVP by Harden. I may work on a story later on voicing my take on the value of MVP awards in sports. Simmons was very deserving of ROY and I don’t want to hear the “he’s not a...

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He Was “As Cool As The Other Side Of The Pillow”

ESPN anchor and sportscasting legend Stuart Scott passed away from cancer Sunday morning at age 49. This tragic event was all over the sports world yesterday while moments of silence were held in games across the world for him. Stuart was a true inspiration to the sports world and sportscasting world for the swag he possessed into reporting and the fun on the set and the fact when he was on the set, you were watching him. His sayings are we’ll known today and used plenty while many people may not even notice they were his! ESPN is ongoing some remembrance of him on air thus morning so it would be respectful to check it out…  His inspiration wasn’t just to future or current sportscasters, sideline reporters, journalists (etc.) , but to Cancer patients around the world ongoing the terrible disease. “Stu” made a remarkable and thoughtful speech about fighting cancer after winning the Jimmy V award at the ESPY’s recently after he almost couldn’t make it after 4 surgeries in a week and explained how ‘you’ can’t ‘lose’ to cancer and how not only yourself is fighting but everyone contributing by doing a deed and we’re ALL fighting together… Stuart Scott will be missed and we as in all sportscaster’s like me will use your inspiration and swag into our sportscasting and reporting… NFL: The Divisional Playoffs are...

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