Lets bounce in Cleveland! For the 3rd time in a row? Yep, the Fighting Francona’s have won again in grand fashion. Yesterday down 8-7 in the 10th with 2 runners on base Yan Gomez got up and attempted a bunt 3 times in a row, the coach was like “what are you doing”! So Yan took 2 pitches, 1 ball, 1 strike and the next pitch was gone! The Indians ended up winning 10-8. The Indians have a great chance of being a top AL team this season. Also yesterday rumors said that Dodgers coach Don Mattingly may be fired because of the Dodgers last place position this year. The Dodgers payed sooooooooooooo much money this year for all the good players they have and it only has led them to 18 wins.

What should the Dodgers do about this?

Soccer: Yesterday Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho announced he was leaving for Chelsea after 3 terrific seasons with Real Madrid. He is now the 2nd recent coach to leave their team after Sir Alex Ferguson retired after Man U’s game and his 1,500th game. Sir Alex and Mourinho have really had great careers so far. It really would be hard to have a new coach coaching Man U for the fans and players. Also Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain are fighting over Real Madrid superstar Christiano Ronaldo. As a Man U fan it would be great to add Ronaldo to the team.

Who will fill these holes?

Football: The NFL has decided to move the NFL draft from a traditional April to May beginning in 2014. This move was made to get the NFL more attention through the course of the offseason.

Was this a good move by the NFL?

Basketball: Tonight the Spurs will face off against the Grizzlies at 9:00 after the NBA draft lottery. The Grizzlies are a comeback team looking for a first NBA finals this year. Watch for the Grizzlies to be aggressive tonight when their fighting to tie the series up at 1. The Pacers and Heat will have Game 1 tomorrow and today will continue their nonsense smack talk mostly from the Pacers coach.

Who will win these games?