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After yesterday’s gut-wrenching Manchester City v Tottenham Champions League knockout match ended in a disallowed goal due to V. A. R., it only added fuel to the fire into the debate over the technology’s increasing use in football / soccer. . . . For context, “VAR” stands for Video Assistant Refereeing. In simpler terms for my non-football / soccer followers; it’s common replay review of controversial plays, like what we have in the four major sports. . . . There are two sides to this debate. The first are the traditionalist fans, who believe VAR is silly, considering the long amount of time wasted to review the play, and the core value that football is special since the clock never stops, and refs must be able to make judgement calls – so “let’s not change that”. Additionally, this side includes the salty-fans who have lost big matches due to replay review. . . . Meanwhile, the other side are practical fans, who realize that getting the call right – no matter the time it takes – is first priority. It’s also the guilty fans who have won because of VAR (such as myself as a Man United fan????). . . . Personally, I have a clear standing in this debate, and that’s to get the call right. YES, it totally sucks to have a disallowed goal, or to sit and wait for four minutes for a call to be made. . . . Though, what sucks EVEN MORE is losing unfairly and having to live with that. I think it’s a no brainer, and the fact that SO MANY people are arguing it is comical. . . . As I said to many of my Manchester City fans yesterday after their tragic loss, “It sucks when it goes against you, but boy is it the greatest feeling when it works in your favor!” . . . What are your thoughts? Is VAR silly? Let me know below!

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