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As some of you may have heard, ESPN’s phenomenal “30 for 30” documentary show released a new five episode podcast series called “The Sterling Affairs”, a few days ago. . . . In those “few days” I started – and already finished – the nearly three and a half hour special. Let me tell you that it was worth every second. . . . The series is based around the mind boggling story of former Clippers owner, LA real-estate mogul, and now-disgraced billionaire; Donald Sterling. For those who don’t remember, Sterling was banned from the NBA for life, and stripped from his ownership, in the early stages of Adam Silver’s term as commissioner. . . . This was because Sterling’s young mistress V. Stiviano (despite him being married to his wife Shelly) leaked a recorded phone call of him trashing her for posting Instagram photos with Magic Johnson. Trashing may be an understatement since the comments Donald made were completely racist and disgusting. This recording lead to his downfall. . . . The series goes through a detailed view of his little-known upbringing, inspiration to buy the Clippers, tenure as the owner, and downfall. Included in this was tons of terrific interviews from former and current players, inside information from people who worked around or for Sterling, and some of the shady things the man did across his life that weren’t highlighted enough until now. . . . For those interested in sports politics and documentaries; this is a must listen. Shoutout to @ramonashelburne, @undefeatedespn and @30for30 for putting this together. If anyone’s listened to it, has any questions, or wants to talk about it – please do so!

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