– Another solid performance from Lamar; still waiting for a real test
– Kyler looks increasingly comfortable; does a great job of spreading the wealth
– Dallas will be consistently great this season
– Washington is good enough to hang around in most games, but doesn’t have enough to pull away
– The Colts are going to grind out wins just like this, all season
– The Titans win can be placed on the Browns’ performance
– Great win from Seattle; Russ finds ways to win every game
– Still not completely stressing over Pittsburgh, but there’s room for worry; especially without Ben
– The Bills aren’t a playoff team; the Giants are just terrible
– Daniel Jones should also be starting the rest of the season
– Another rock-solid game for SF; time to start treating them like a threat
– I don’t know how the Bengals played so well against Seattle last week
– The Chargers are really missing their injured pieces, and Rivers is declining
– The Lions are a super weird, not that great team; that finds ways to win?
– The Packers have to finish games; that’s a mentality issue
– How many more chances will we give Kirk Cousins? He’s been very disappointing
– The Texans are going to be in a ton of tight games this year
– This was a bye week for New England
– The Dolphins are historically bad. Even though he will get killed; play Rosen
– Mahomes is otherworldly
– The Raiders can’t keep up with the big boys
– The Rams are that good
– The missed call is irrelevant; this team can’t win without Brees
– So the Bears have a Kicker now? Wow.
– Poor Broncos. Would’ve been an awesome win.
– Falcons are going to be a rollercoaster and a half
– The Eagles also need some consistency

Overall, this week was very underwhelming. Hopefully, Week 3 doesn’t disappoint.