On Saturday, my family and friends visited Citi Field to become a official Met for the day! Once we walked in, we signed a 1 day contract with the Mets. We experienced almost everything a Mets player would do in a day, including: stretch in the outfield, run the bases, batting practice, shag balls and have a catch in the outfield.  We even had a press conference and it was awesome! At the event I saw how high the home run wall actually is and how much space the outfielders need to cover out there.   So for now on, if I see a missed ball on a tough play,  I understand and appreciate why they missed it. 🙂   The infield was HUGE, much bigger than my little league field, but it was very cool when I connected on a big shot that made it to the outfield grass!   And yes, my 1st press conference was pretty cool to.  I was asked some questions about how my day was going and who my favorite Met is ( I of course stuck with Wright).  Lastly, I got my name on the score board in right field, along with my brother and both my friends! It was awesome to see my name up there and I had so much fun at Kids Met Fantasy Day.

A special shout out and thank you to Debbie Presser and Pix11 for this awesome experience!