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TAKEAWAYS after the first full Sunday of football: . . . – Jets’ holes at CB and Kicker will derail their season – Bell, Mosley, Crowder looked fantastic – Josh Allen needs a lot of work – Singletary looks awesome – Bills D will win them many close games – Titans D is legit – Mariota hasn’t improved – Henry hasn’t lost a step – Mayfield was a fluke, but O-Line was not – Kitchens doesn’t have enough control – Don’t judge Ravens until they have a real test; especially Lamar – Ingram was a great addition – Brown is perfect for Lamar – Miami may go 0-16; bad for NFL – Falcons looked flat all around – Minnesota looked legit, but Cousins is still mediocre. Benefitted off of poor ATL performance – Redskins simply aren’t that good – Wentz is as inspired as predicted, and they’ll be great – DeSean is… back? – Rams are so much better than Carolina, but didn’t play too well – Gurley is not OK at all, but Kupp is – Cam hasn’t improved, but CMC is a tank – Chiefs won’t ever stop – Watkins is back too? – Jags D looked horrible – Foles is a huge loss, but Minshew looked pretty good – Colts will be just fine without Luck. They’ll compete with Jacoby – Chargers looked better than I thought – Ekeler looked amazing; Gordon has to be livid – Vinatieri can’t kick anymore. Don’t sugar coat it. – Seahawks were pretty underwhelming – Carson was finally used properly and was great. – Dalton was rock solid, but the Bengals are just not – Finally they used Ross! – Dak won’t be this good all year, but his leadership and control deserves the money – Yes, it’s the Giants; but Dallas looks ready to go – Oh, and the Giants look awful – Dan Jones will be starting sooner than later – Lions blowing the lead shows how terrible they are – Hockensen is a STUD – Very impressed with Kyler’s bounceback. It’s going to be a long season, but his attitude and potential will get him through it – Larry’s still got it! – Jimmy G needs some time to heat up; as I predicted – The Niners D looked awesome – Winston is unfixable / broken – The Bucs are going to disappoint many – Patriots are unstoppable. Not much to be said. – Steelers looked like a mess. The offense was dull and the defense was sloppy. Yikes.

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