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Time to Make the Pro Bowl and All-Star Game Great Again

  Commissioners Goodell and Silver, how in the world did you mess this up too?     The Pro Bowl and NBA All-Star games are absolute disasters that could be easily fixed with some common sense from the men in charge. I mean seriously, your task is to put out a watchable product with the world’s best players in your respective sport, and you somehow find a way to screw it up with some new non-sense year after year. It’s simple.     There are so many points to touch on regarding this commonly debated topic, and well get through...

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Super Bowl LI Preview

It’s been a long wait for Super Bowl LI, and we certainly all want this game to come quicker. It’s been a historically boring playoffs with blowouts galore – and little to no exciting games. But, there is one thing that can save this season from being a bust and it’s this year’s Super Bowl. The young, up and coming, and high flying Atlanta Falcons, led by MVP front runner Matt Ryan look to pull of a historic upset on the determined, inspired and most of all experienced – New England Patriots led by legends Tom Brady and Bill...

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NFL Playoff Preview 2017

Playoffs? Yes, we’re talking about playoffs now. After a long regular season filled with headlines, underdogs, and disappointments, we’ve finally made it to the post season… When looking at the playoff bracket for the first time, my first thought was, “woah, this is a lot closer than I thought…” and i truly had to fill in my bracket to choose a winner. This could be another year of New England or Seattle dominance, maybe an old friend in Dallas, New York, Pittsburgh or Green Bay making an appearance, or even an underdog like Detroit, Kansas City or Atlanta. Hey,...

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NFL Preview 2016-17

  Ladies and Gentleman- the NFL is FINALLY back… After a long time waiting since February’s Super Bowl- we are ready for some football…   This season teams have many new faces in new places- as a big free agency took place earlier this offseason.   The NFL will kickoff with a late night special- SB 50 rematch between the Panthers and the Broncos; in Denver, as Carolina looks to take revenge, after a shocking loss last time they played in SB 50.   Now for the big predictions: AFC: East: PATRIOTS-JETS-BILLS-DOLPHINS North: STEELERS-BENGALS-BROWNS-RAVENS South: TEXANS-COLTS-JAGUARS-TITANS West: BRONCOS-CHIEFS-RAIDERS-CHARGERS Results:...

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Super Bowl 50 Preview

Super Bowl 50. Wow has the NFL came a long way. No this isn’t super bowl “L” but it’s the big 50, 5-0. For this big matchup we have Experience vs Youth, A record D vs A record O, and 2 masterminds face off. But as much fun as this game will be, we will have to say goodbye to Football till the summer when preseason starts, and then we’re on to Houston for #51, “LI”… Now let’s get to the game: The reason why this game will be one to remember is the stakes. Broncos QB Peyton Manning...

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