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While I am not doing a full mock draft for this class, I do have strong opinions, and predictions, concerning the landing spots for the consensus top three QB’s in this class; Dwayne Haskins of Ohio State, Kyler Murray of Oklahoma and Daniel Jones of Duke. Let’s start from the top with Murray. I think he’s not only a lock for No. 1 to Arizona, but I also believe it’s in the best interest of Coach Kingsbury and Arizona for two reasons. First, the football aspect. While I think Rosen is a BETTER QB than Murray, I think Murray is just too perfect for Kliff’s unorthodox system, that happens to be similar to the system Kyler successfully ran at Oklahoma. You guys KNOW how much I love Rosen. I think he’s going to be a STAR in this league. I’m not saying Rosen would not work in it, because he would. It’s just that Kyler would fit it much better, and allow Kliff to be more creative. Secondly, the psychological aspect. I think sticking with Rosen would create an awkward situation. It’s clear by his words that Kliff is not committed to Rosen at all (which is why I’m convinced Murray is the pick) and he’d be more comfortable with the QB of his choice, rather than an inherited one. I see no issue with that preference for a first time head coach to have a pick at his QB. It will be worth it in the end, and not worth the extra drama. Moving on to Haskins, I strongly believe the REDSKINS will TRADE UP to No. 3 with the Jets, and select Dwayne Haskins. The smokescreens ironically expose this trade perfectly, and it’s a win-win. The Jets get some extra draft capital to fill multiple holes – rather than one – while Washington fills a need at QB. I’ve seen Haskins at his best (against my Michigan boys) and I believe he’ll be an excellent NFL QB. Fits the mold of a traditional passer perfectly, and scouts like his intelligence. Washington should snatch this as soon as possible. Finally, Dan Jones. I’ll start off with a concept that’s been thrown around lately that is COMPLETELY true: “If you LOVE the QB, there’s NO such thing as a REACH.” With this in mind, I think the Giants take him at No. 6, or trade up for him. I think it works out behind Eli.

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