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Personal Takeaway on the Connor x Khabib Post-Fight Drama

Tomorrow officially marks a week since the Connor v Khabib superfight; yet the only talk of this fight has been the drama sparked after McGregor tapped out and Khabib remained undefeated. . . . To catch up everyone who hasn’t followed the post-fight drama, here’s what’s gone on thus far: . . . * Khabib’s team members were arrested by the Vegas police * Connor wants a rematch * Khabib apoligized for his actions, and was publicly scolded by his father * Khabib also went out on Twitter calling out the UFC and threatening to leave the organization *...

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Rousey DOMINATES Finals

Womens top UFC fighter Ronda Rousey made history with the quickest title win EVER with a 14 second KO! Rousey won the title and continued her dominance in fighting…  She is. UN-STOP-A-BLE… Former NBA 1 time All-Star Anthony Mason passed away yesterday with a heart failure. He was only 48. Mason played on multiple teams in his 13 years and our thoughts are with him… Just satin’, the Knicks WON again!! That’s 2 In a row!!! #Knickstape...

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Knock ouch?

It was UFC 168 championships last night in ‘Vegas. In the woman’s round, it was undefeated Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate. Rousey won all of her fights in and Armlock move in the 1st round. She’s never experienced a later round until last night. Tate brought he into round 2 after escaping a armlock. But the legend continued when Tate was caught in a nasty armlock. Rousey heard all the boos after her win she did not shake hands with Tate. In the Men’s, Anderson Silva faced Chris Wiedman. The fight ended in a grueling injury when he blocked a kick with his leg and broke it. The after-scene was banned from T.V highlight viewing. Hopefully Silva will return to his greatness someday. It will be an very exciting week 17 in the NFL today, the playoff spots will be determined and we are in for some crazy ness. Some NFL coaching news, ESPN’s Adam Shefter reported “signs are pointing to Jets coach Rex Ryan returning “. The decision is to either give him a extension or he’ll play out his last contract season. The coach less Texans are looking at Penn State head coach Bill O’Brien. The Texans said they will probably reach an agreement by next week. Otherwise, after “Black Monday” when the coaches get fired, they can make another decision. In the Portland Trail Blazers vs....

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