During Saturday’s fourth round of the NFL Draft, Browns GM John Dorsey rolled the dice and decided to take a chance on the ultra-talented, yet massively troubled WR Antonio Callaway out of UF.

With problems ranging from police brawls, drug use, immature behavior and failed tests, Callaway’s college career was an absolute mess that lead to a full season suspension from the Gators in 2017. Obviously, this brought down his solidified first round draft stock dramatically, landing in the fourth to Cleveland. Though, this may have been the best thing to happen to him. And here’s why:

In case you’ve all forgotten, Cleveland has a wideout on their team – Josh Gordon – who’s lead a eerily similar life compared to his new teammate. Immense talent, consistency and impact on the field, and nothing but trouble off. . . .
After a full two years in and out of rehab and being suspended from the league, Gordon finally made his long awaited return in the final weeks of last season for the Browns, now clean and looking for a fresh start.

Now, Gordon is faced with another task; to help out a young kid from falling into the same exact trap he fell into for the sake of his career. And I think he’ll be up for it. Not to mention Dorsey also has a history of drafting troubled guys and turning their lives around (Tyreek Hill in KC).

Only time will tell to see what happens, but putting Callaway under the arms of Gordon may be the best “mentor-mentee” fit in this whole draft, and a massive success for the Browns.

With a clean quartet of Gordon, Callaway, Landry and Njoku, the Browns receiving core commanded by Mayfield may be the talk of the league at one point. When it’s all said and done, I think this Callaway pick will be the one everyone remembers as “the steal” of the 2018 draft.