ESPN anchor and sportscasting legend Stuart Scott passed away from cancer Sunday morning at age 49. This tragic event was all over the sports world yesterday while moments of silence were held in games across the world for him. Stuart was a true inspiration to the sports world and sportscasting world for the swag he possessed into reporting and the fun on the set and the fact when he was on the set, you were watching him. His sayings are we’ll known today and used plenty while many people may not even notice they were his! ESPN is ongoing some remembrance of him on air thus morning so it would be respectful to check it out…  His inspiration wasn’t just to future or current sportscasters, sideline reporters, journalists (etc.) , but to Cancer patients around the world ongoing the terrible disease. “Stu” made a remarkable and thoughtful speech about fighting cancer after winning the Jimmy V award at the ESPY’s recently after he almost couldn’t make it after 4 surgeries in a week and explained how ‘you’ can’t ‘lose’ to cancer and how not only yourself is fighting but everyone contributing by doing a deed and we’re ALL fighting together… Stuart Scott will be missed and we as in all sportscaster’s like me will use your inspiration and swag into our sportscasting and reporting…


The Divisional Playoffs are all set and this is what this past weekend looked like score-wise and what the upcoming schedule is for this weekend and some extra important headlines…   *(games are on top of each other, not across)*

Cowboys- 24        Bengals-10       Ravens-30        Cardinals-16

Lions-20                Colts-26            Steelers-17         Panthers-27

Upcoming Games:

Ravens        Panthers        Cowboys     Colts

Patriots       Seahawks       Packers       Broncos

Headlines on upcoming games:

*Broncos QB Peyton Manning will rematch his former team (Indy) in a huge divisional matchup against the future Manning (in my opinion) Andrew Luck…

*Tony Romo and Dallas rematch the Packers in the “Ice Bowl” again while this game can be AWESOME!

*The Seahawks face off in a matchup with the Panthers who have won 5 in a row but Seattle is heavily favored.

*The Ravens and Pats face off in a great matchup of recent Super Bowl winners and playoff experienced players…

Headlines on this past weekend:

*The QB -less Cardinals fall to the red-hot Panthers in a sloppy, rain filled matchup

*The Ravens escaped the Terrible Towel with an incredible Defensive showing in Pittsburgh by 13 while this game has been decided by 3 or less in the past meetings

*The Bengals continued there ‘one and done’ streak to 4 while losing in a sloppy game on their part to the deserving Colts

*A Cowboys comeback sparks a tight win for the Big-D over Detroit while a terrible Pass-interference ‘no-call’ which is highly criticized now can change the fate of this game and the Cowboys playoff fate…