While this seemingly never-ending Kawhi Leonard drama continues to confuse the whole basketball world, I think the reasoning behind the whole debacle is rather simple. Kawhi isn’t still hurt, Kawhi isn’t even scared to get hurt again; he just doesn’t want to be there.

I saw a very interesting comparison the other day that compared the inside atmosphere of the New England Patriots to the San Antonio Spurs and I couldn’t have agreed more. Both organizations are lead by head coaches (Belichick and Popovich) who’s hidden tactics and lack of flashiness have proved to be more successful than any other used in sports history.

But with every upside, there’s a downside; and the Spurs are feeling it right now from Kawhi and his representatives making the decisions for the 26 year old superstar.

We all know of Kawhi as one of the quietest stars in sports who goes out there and consistently does his job season after season. Though, we always ask ourselves “why do we never hear from him?”, and the answer is rather obvious: he’s trapped.

I strongly believe that the only reason why Kawhi isn’t battling it out for his team right now against the Warriors despite full clearances from ALL team health officials is that he’s trying to show the team that he wants no part of this bubble of being a Spur. He’s sick and tired of not getting the attention he deserves and wants to finally get some recognition.

So do I agree with this ‘holdout’? No, but I understand him completely.

Kawhi should be out there right now, and I’m sure he wants to be playing more than anyone, but inside he knows that he cannot show the team anymore that he wants any part of their quiet philosophy.

I truly believe Kawhi will not be a Spur next season and he’ll be on his way out, but this is all truly a reminder that winning comes at a cost, and just as we’ve seen with the recent Patriots drama, there comes a point where you can’t stay quiet for forever.

Leave your thoughts below as I really want to hear what you guys think.