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If I’m going to be away, here are some future #FreezingColdTakes for you guys to laugh at while I’m away: . . . • Kawhi is going to be a Clipper. He did his job for Toronto, and people forget that the Clippers have arguably the most well-run franchise in the NBA right now. Let him have a new challenge, and win one for his home city. . . . • While Brooklyn truly isn’t a “big market”, Kyrie will go there, seeking a perfect change in scenery. This will prompt a DLo move to the Lakers. . . . • I’m so puzzled with KD, but I strongly believe he won’t team up with Kyrie in Brooklyn. I also don’t think he’ll get the MAX since teams will be afraid. Gut says he goes to the Warriors, but not for too much since they can’t pay him and Klay the biggest money next season, and leave Curry alone. . . . • Speaking of my Knicks, I don’t think they get any top tier guys, and REAL Knicks fans – not the plastic ones – are fine with that. The F/O and Fiz prefer to build from the bottom up, and not cheat this process. Though, I expect the Knicks to make some excellent 1-2 year deals with second tier guys like Tobias or Julius; and take chances on some former “busts”. . . . • A bold prediction is that Kemba leaves, because the Hornets don’t want to keep him as a No. 1 option. Look out for Dallas. . . . • Klay, Jimmy, Nikola, Beal and Khris are all staying. Tobias and Julius are leaving, but will not get max deals. . . . • Neymar is leaving for Barca, and Pogba is going to sign back with Juventus, with De Ligt. A lot of big moves in store. . . . • The Mets are going to blow things up by the break, as their team starts to blow up. Though, Pete Alonso is winning the HR derby. . . . . . That’s all! Have an amazing summer everyone and comment your takes below!

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