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Time to take a look at how accurate my pre-summer predictions were. . . . Let’s start with the good. I was spot on about Kawhi to the Clippers, and as I said in my podcast, this was the right move for him. He can’t go much higher in Toronto, and nor can the Raptors with that team. Plus, he gets to be where he desires for the first time in his career. . . . Next, I was also accurate about the Knicks offseason; as we shied from the risky superstars (in my opinion) for very solid role players and Julius Randle. I’m extremely pleased with the decision, and think it will truly work out in the long run. . . . I also called Pete Alonso winning the Home Run Derby! That was pretty sweet, and even sweeter to watch. Thank gosh we have that guy since we’re absolutely terrible. . . . Another correct one was that Kemba would leave Charlotte despite the money. Both sides should be very content. Kemba finally gets to play a role that isn’t the “number one and only guy” and I think we will see just how great he is. For the Hornets, it was truly time for a rebuild. You can’t contend around Kemba. . . . Finally for the positives we’re Kyrie to Brooklyn and De Ligt to Juventus. Both were leaning in that direction and I stuck with the momentum. . . . Now, for the bad. I swung out with KD to Brooklyn. I did not think he would ever hide in Brooklyn with Kyrie, but that’s what he did. Too bad Brooklyn still won’t be able to sell out Barclays Center. . . . Speaking of Brooklyn, DLO went to Golden State. My gut was saying Lakers, but the Warriors move was out of the blue, so not that much fault. . . . Finally, I said Jimmy Butler would stay. The Sixers instead kept Tobias, and signed Horford; two moves that I LOVE. Butler finds a perfect team for his priority which is to be the guy. That doesn’t exactly correlate to winning basketball, but he’s happy. . . . In other news, my Rangers got Panarin, Man Utd got Wan Bissaka and Michigan got Franz Wagner. Have to say I was pleased about that. . . . I think I did pretty well, but you guys could be the judge. Let me know below!

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