11 wins in an row, 12 wins in a row! Will they ever stop?

NBA- Currently in the NBA two teams are on an awesome winning streak! Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and the Clippers are riding an 11 game winning streak, their longest dating back to 40+ years ago and Russel Westbrook, Kevin Durant and the Thunder are riding a 12 game winning streak after making it to the Finals last year losing to King James and the Heat.

Will this last?

Soccer – In the UEFA champions league there are 2 great upcoming matches… From the Barclays Premier League Wayne Roony, Robin Ven Persie and Manchester United vs Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid. In the 2nd match AC Milan will face off vs the probable best club team in soccer FC Barcalona and Lionel Messi who is probably impossible to stop from scoring.

Who will win in these great games?