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Yesterday I posted four opinionated polls concerning Colin Kaepernick just to see your opinions. After seeing your responses, I thought I would make a post with my opinions so let’s get into it. 1.) According to 57% of you, you would NOT feel bad if Kaep never played again in the NFL and I agree. To put it simply, it has NOTHING to do with politics. It’s just that he made the decision to sabotage his career and he should – and probably did – know the potential effect on his career it would have. Additionally, he’s made more money from this whole timespan than he would playing so that certainly factors in. . . . 2.) According to 40% of you, you’d rather use a no-name QB than Kaep in a current playoff push and I agree. Again, nothing politics related. It’s for two reasons; one being the distraction he’d bring to this franchise focused on winning, and two, he’s been out of football for so long that I’d rather trust my backup who knows the offense. Give Kaep a full off-season and it’s a different story. . . . 3.) According to 75% of you, Colin should have take the 250K offer to play and prove himself in the AAF and I agree. What better way to prove you still have it in the tank than dominating a league full of young guys wanting a second chance? It was a golden opportunity he missed IMO. . . . 4.) According to 18% of you guys, the AAF SHOULD have paid Kaep his $20M asking price and I TOTALLY AGREE! Hear me out people. It’s NOT rocket science; if Kaep was in this nationally televised league, they’d make MORE than that $20M in a weekend! Let alone over 10+ weeks. Business wise and media wise, it would have looked great and I think they’ll regret it. THOUGH my counter argument is that the AAF cannot give that money in public; it would have to be under the table which I think they should have done. It would look much better for both sides of the AAF stuck to their 250K/every player promise and Kaep wasn’t chasing the money over another NFL shot.

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