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One of – if not the biggest – topics of the current NBA postseason have been about the current best player in the world, and overall legacies. . . . While it is a fun debate, it’s completely fueled by “recency bias”, which explains the constant shuffling, and lack of consistency in consensus opinion. . . . So I want to look at the bigger picture today, and not focus on my perception of the last few games. I think if anyone rose to the top in terms of best player, or legacy – it’s LeBron. . . . Now after seeing the “worst” version of the Warriors super-squad sweep their past five games without KD; it truly proves how amazing this team is, and how it’s an outlier in history – something we can’t hold AGAINST LeBron too much. . . . Key word “against”, since boy did this Warriors run without Durant help in LeBron’s legacy favor. . . . Despite not being in the playoffs, LeBron still stands as the only man to lead a team to take down this giant in the Finals. Give all the excuses you want, but HE was the heart and soul of that Cavs team. You can’t put having some help from teammates against him. That’s complete BS. . . . Outside of the Warriors, no one in the “super easy” east has proven to do what LeBron did JUST LAST YEAR. What is that you may ask? To completely DOMINATE each and every game consistently, en route to the finals. While Giannis and Kawhi may be phenomenal, we’ve seen their inconsistencies to COMPLETELY take over nearly as much as Bron last year. . . . It really aggravates me that the first injury in years, and a potential failed experiment in LA can bring down LeBron’s perception so much, after just a year ago, he was UNANIMOUSLY hailed as the No. 1. It’s crazy how LeBron had one of the most legendary playoff runs ever last season, CARRYING a lowly Cavs team like no player has ever done; and people can’t remember. That’s ludicrous.

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