Let me start off with this; Giants fans, stay calm.

For the past few days, countless rumors of an Odell Beckham Jr. trade have covered the football world and have frightened the hell out of Giants fans.

OBJ said in a statement that he will hold out until a fresh, new contract is handed to him by the G-Men, similar to what Le’Veon Bell has threatened to do. Beckham is still on a rookie deal, and is obviously sitting here seeing receivers like Sammy Watkins grab $16M annual contracts this offseason. The Giants responded to this by giving several responses from multiple executives, mixed with reports from major NFL outlets as well. All in all, it’s an unknown mess.

But we do know, and must UNDERSTAND two things. Number one, Odell – just like Le’Veon – is an absolute DRAMA QUEEN! We need to realize that this is Odell we are talking about. Yes, he is an undisputed top five receiver and football and yes he DOES deserve to get paid like that… but you can’t expect a guy like Beckham to not get concerned from other contracts, lose patience, and start drama like this.

Number two, the Giants DO NOT WANT TO TRADE HIM! Seriously, unless there are extra curricular events going on behind the scenes, no team is looking to ever actively find a trade for their undisputed best player. Giants executives have constantly stated that they are FIELDING offers for OBJ, but never did they say that they were looking to trade him, nor did Odell publicly request out of the Big Apple. A reported twenty teams have contacted the Giants for Odell – a list that’s headlined by the Rams who offered the No. 23 pick in their package – and are truly just seeing the package required for the superstar’s services.

Look, I’m not completely shutting down the possibility of a trade because reports have came out that suggested “not to be surprised” if Beckham was dealt (Schefter), but it is not logical for the Giants to panic and make this deal, nor are we probably going to see one.

The Giants, however, should be focusing on nailing that No. 2 pick in their hands as they have countless roads to take with that selection. I’ll talk about that dilemma in another article.


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