Today, the Browns went all out and acquired a stud wideout in Jarvis Landry, a very solid veteran bridge Quarterback in Tyrod Taylor, and a really underrated CB in Damarious Randall, all for almost nothing. They were three GENIUS moves by the new Browns executives, and they are for sure off to the right start, and taking a huge step forward.

But not only did Cleveland improve talent wise today, but they sent a very important message out to the football world: this new Browns leadership is not looking to be a laughing-stock – they’re here to WIN.

Subsequent to a horrendous 0-16 finish to this past season, the Browns went out to hire a great OC in Todd Haley, formerly of Pittsburgh, and GM John Dorsey who built a great squad down in KC.

Those two have already started to bring in their winning cultures after today’s acquisitions.

They were intelligent enough to realize three things. First of all, the Browns were sitting with the most cap space, and with the highest amount of picks in the league, and they went out and turned that into great, PROVEN talent. Why this was so smart is that Cleveland is anything but an attractive destination for free agents; and if anything, it scares them away. So similar to many unattractive market teams in sports who endure the same problem, the Browns went a different route to acquire the guys by trading for them. Second of all, the Browns now set themselves up perfectly for the offseason. With these three pickups, they are now not forced to take on an unproven guy in AJ McCarron as a bridge QB, and throw big money at this year’s unattractive receivers in free agency. And most importantly, this sets them up PERFECTLY to take Saquon Barkley at number one, and not reach for a rookie QB early on, and even have the opportunity to trade down for more value.

Overall, the Browns couldn’t have done better today, and I’m very excited to see how this new experiment goes in Cleveland. I truly believe with a winning attitude and culture now firmly implemented, the way we look at the Browns will drastically change.


(P/C: FOX Sports)