There were many great performances in the NFL yesterday but only 1 stood out. Chiefs RB, Jamaal Charles had a terrific 4 TD’s receiving, and 1 on the ground. In standard formats for fantasy football, Charles had 51 points and in PPR, he had 59!!! The record in standard was by Gale Sayers in the ’60’s. He had 54 in standard leagues and 57 in PPR. I feel disappointed in myself after I picked Marshawn Lynch over him.

In the playoff formats right now, the Colts clinched the division and the Broncos and Chiefs clinched births. In the NFC, the lone team to clinch is the Seahawks. In the AFC, The Broncos, Colts, Bengals and Patriots lead their divisions and in the Wild Card, the Chiefs and Dolphins who lead the Ravens by a half a game, lead. In the NFC, the Seahawks, Eagles, Bears and Saints lead their divisions. The Bears lead the Lions by a half a game. In the Wild card, the Panthers and 49’ers lead. If the Lions win tonight, them and the Cardinals are the only teams left to win the Wild. Card, the Packers, Cardinals, Lions and Cowboys have chances to win their division. The Ravens, Chargers, Jets and Steelers have chances at the Wild Card and the Ravens can win their division. If the Jets and Steelers lose they are eliminated and if the Ravens lose and lose 2 games, they are out, same with San Diego. For more scenarios, there are many sites you can look at.