Disclaimer: I am taking the most non-political, football-only approach to this story.

Colin Kaepernick, now a 30 year old free agent Quarterback, played his whole career up to his release with the 49ers, including a Super Bowl berth in 2012/13. The promising, young, electrifying, dual threat QB was just entering his prime, when suddenly the football aspect of his career was completely thrown out the window. During the preseason just a few seasons back, Colin took an extremely controversial stand for what he thought was right and stunned the nation. Kaep peacefully protested versus the National Anthem sparking a huge movement over the NFL, and Sports world during the past two years. We haven’t seen Kaep confidently take the field since, and he’s currently sitting unemployed.

That leads us to the ultimate bulging question, and that’s whether or not Colin Kaepernick is being BLACKBALLED by Commisioner Roger Goodell and the NFL. And whether we want to admit it or not, the answer is yes…

When you dive into simple and advanced analytics behind Kaep, it’s evident that he qualifies as a sure fire NFL starter, or mid-tier guy at the least. But still, Kaep is sitting on the street waiting for a call. And to be real, it doesn’t take any of the calculations to show that he is a starting caliber QB, because from a common sense, football standpoint; he is.
A thought I really have looked into was this; there has to be at least ONE team of thirty two that would put politics aside and pick up Kaepernick because they believe he is a great football player, right? Well the answer should be yes, and it probably is. And most likely, there are a handful of teams that would love to have a leader and player like Kaep take the snaps. But the sad reality is that these teams don’t have that choice. It’s too clear that Kaep is being blackballed by the highly scrutinized NFL empire lead by Goodell. The NFL is furious about the dark cloud Kaep brought over the league, instead of appreciating, or even accepting his views. It’s time for the NFL to finally be exposed for a problem worse than anything Kaep ever caused, and action must be taken. What are your thoughts? Let me hear them below⬇


(P/C: USA Today)