Following the Eagles utter domination of the Vikings in the NFC Championship, my first thought was “How in the world did the EAGLES make the Super Bowl?” And once I really thought it through, there was one simple answer: Philly IS the best team in the NFC! No statistics, no advanced analytics are needed folks, it’s clear. There’s a reason why this team was a 1-seed, why they went 13-3… They outplayed their opponents and grinded out wins ALL SEASON LONG and proved that they are capable of winning under any circumstances. And we still doubted them in the playoffs (this “we” strongly includes myself). We doubted QB Nick Foles just because Carson Wentz put up ridiculous, MVP like numbers this season, and forgot Foles once did as well just a few seasons back… We failed to realize that Wentz was NOT their whole team, and that their massively underrated D has played excellent all year round! We forgot the weapons this offense is ran with ranging from monster WR’s Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor, as well as the 3-headed monster in the backfield of Jay AjayiLeGarette Blount and Corey Clement. We forgot about the unbelievable offensive-line that provided both QB’s with an incredible amount of time in the pocket in each play. And most of all, we underestimated the way this team plays and rallies around each other. You could see it clearly in their on and off the field passion and commitment all season long. They took adversity and smashed it into the ground. We all thought they were toast without Wentz, and boy were we wrong. I mean seriously, how could we favor a crappy Falcons team over the home-field, No. 1 seeded Philadelphia team AT HOME? That’s unheard of! Anyway, this Philly team has one more game to prove to the world that they are not just a team carried by a MVP-caliber QB; but that they are a team that rallies around each other and the will to win and achieve greatness. It’s tough rooting for a Philly team in any game as a New York’er, but this team has given me something to root for against Tom Brady and the Patriots, and I hope most of you follow me and notice the heart and skill of this squad.


(P/C: Philadephia Eagles)