NFL- 2 Players were suspended yesterday from cases of the 2014-15 season. Steelers star RB Le’Veon Bell was suspended 3 games after charges before week 1 2014 and his former teammate (now on the patriots) LeGarrete Blount was suspended for the 1st game of 2015 for old charges. Hopefully these stars learn their lesson because players now know what can happen in a big case like Peterson…                                        Future Hall of Fame Safety, Troy Polamalu retired at the age of 33 last night to spend more time with family. Polamalu spent his full 12 seasons with Pittsburgh winning multiple championships! Polamalu was released by the Steelers for cap space at the beginning of this offseason and no one expected him in another uniform. Polamalu had a great swagger and the best hair thanks to ‘Head and Shoulders’ products! We wish the best for Troy in the future!                                                                                          Colts star QB Andrew Luck exercised his 5th year option yesterday. Luck has this year and next year which he will make $16.15M! Luck was expected to sign one of the largest contracts in NFL history but this puts a stop to it for now…

NBA: The Curry show aired again. MVP candidate Stephen Curry put on anshow with 45 points last night in his Warriors 116-105 win. The Warriors are at 64-15 right now! Also in the game he broke his very own record of 3 pointers in a season!  Just so you know, the Knicks have the same amount of wins that the Warriors have losses!

MLB: The Indians almost threw another no hitter with a no no until the 9th with a Jed Lowrie HR! The effort would be a combined no hitter with Trevor Bauer throwing 11 K’s in 6 innings.                                                                                                                            Matt Harvey is BACK! The Dark Knight looked like he never left while in 6 innings he threw 9 K’s! The Mets ended up winning 6-3 in a great hitting effort.                                 The MLB has 5 teams at 3-0 sitting at an undefeated record! I’ve liked the pitching lately and I think that’s a big reason for the great play!

College Basketball- A whopping 7 players including Karl Anthony-Towns and Willie Cauley-Stein led a class going to the anabasis draft! Although losing these 7 players after an incredible season they have the best recruiting class of 2015-16! Also entering the draft is Jahil Okafor from champion Duke who is fighting for a top 2 pick like Karl Anthony-Towns!

NHL: From Stanley Cup Champions to being left out of the playoffs. Hello LA Kings. The Lings defeated the now 1st place Rangers in the Stanley cup last season and were elliminated yesterday from playoff contention. They took a big 3-1 loss to the Flames last night.   The Islanders in their last season at the Colliseum (or as I call the ‘JunkYard’) clinched a playoff spot with many scenarios working out from other teams. The Isles have been falling lately and may have to really step up their game!