Being a Mets fan ain’t fun. From constant heartbreaks to horrible stretches of injuries, and of course, their trademark horrendous luck when it comes to pretty much anything – we can’t catch a break. And to make manners much worse, the franchise is run more poorly than maybe any other professional sports franchise around. For a quick background, following the infamous Bernie Madoff scandal (which the Mets owners, of course had to invest into) the Amazins’ lost an extremely large chunk of their salary, which now decades after, still leaves us with a very cheap approach to almost everything. Under the helm of the owners, the Wilpons, the Mets refuse to spend big money on anyone despite being in a New York market which is absolutely unacceptable for a big-market City like NY. This obviously plays a huge part in the team’s success, as we can’t compete with any of the contending teams who are willing to haul in solid guys and spend the cash. For example, let’s look at this offseason so far. The players may not be extremely flashy, but for a team on the brisk of contending like the Mets – work should be done. The Indians inquired about trading all-star 2B Jason Kipnis to the Big Apple, and it was set to go through… until this proposal reached ownership. If you could take a good guess, it never happened. Another example is how the Mets could acquire solid guys like 3B Mike Moustakas, CF Andrew McCutchen and IF Josh Harrison – who are all affordable – but no effort has been made to even inquire about getting these guys. This isn’t fair to the die-hard fans, and change must be made… What’s your stance on this? Comment below.


(P/C: NY Times)