As we approach the NBA Draft Lottery in 15 minutes, I need to get a quick point out to watch for.

I strongly believe the Draft Lottery is, and has been fixed for a long time and there’s too much evidence to prove that from the insane odds big market teams overcame to get a top pick, to falling small market teams, to the Frozen Envelope conspiracy and of course, the pure fact that the process of the ping pong balls determining the picks ISN’T EVEN TELEVISED!

Regardless, I strongly believe that tonight’s lotto will either calm down my conspiracy, or absolutely determine that it’s fixed.

Besides the Bulls, the teams with the top SEVEN odds are ALL small market franchises with little to no national exposure compared to the rest. This includes Phoenix, Memphis, Dallas, Atlanta, Orlando and Sacramento, followed by New York, Cleveland, both Los Angeles teams and potential picks falling into the hands of Boston and Philly.

So if someway, somehow one of those big market teams with under 10% odds flies up the draft order, I’ll be 100% CONVINCED that the lottery is rigged.

What are your thoughts? Is the draft lotto already fixed, or will it be determined tonight?

. . . . . . . . .