Here’s a fun one for you football/soccer fanatics.

Liverpool’s Egyptian superstar Mohammed Salah capped off an unreal Premier League campaign today with his record 32nd goal, and security of third place, keeping them in the Champions League no matter the result of their final versus Real Madrid.

Messi and Ronaldo have also had class seasons doing what they’ve done throughout the entirety of their careers. Messi has knocked in 45 goals this season compared to Ronaldo and Salah’s 43 in all comps.

For you non-fans, the Ballon D’Or is the equivalent of the MVP in all other sports, except it accounts for the best player in the WORLD of that year.

So it’s clear that the award will come down to those three, but who will win it?

Personally, I think Salah deserves it. Though, I believe either him or Ronaldo will win depending on the result of the Champions League Final. Not to mention the World Cup could have a massive factor on who wins, especially if one of the three is able to carry their nation far in the competition; especially Salah and Egypt.

When deciding the MVP for any sport, I like to think of it like this… How would that team do if that MVP was not on their team? I’ll leave that question for you guys to answer, but I think Salah is worthy of the 2017/18 Ballon D’Or so far.

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P/C: Al Jazeera