48-0… The legacy continues for Money Mayweather after he won last night in an unanimous decision with Floyd just showing his record for real in the fight and out did Manny while he really admires Floyd at the top of the boxing world. Pacquiao said in an interview that he “should of won” but everyone knew in the arena that it was Mayweather’s fight and he had his name written all over it. From the fight PayPerView made $89.95 for each person who bought it on PPV despite having pre fight cable problems! Mayweather made $200,000,000 of the fight showing off his $1,000,000 check at a live ESPN interview! Congrats to Mayweather and hopefully Pac-man can step up to his next challenge like Mayweather trying to stay undefeated in September for his next match vs someone… Who knows, maybe we can have chapter 2 of this fight with a rematch! More $$$ to go around!!!

The NBA playoffs ended last night with arguably the most dramatic game so far! The Clippers finally took home a must need win series vs the defending champion Spurs who were the 5th team since the 1983-84 season to get out in the 1st round after winning the chip… Chris Paul was the hero of this game after leaving for a period of time with a hammy injury but returned! By the end with a bunch of controversy through the last minute CP3 took up the ball and made an incredible circus shot to take a 2 pt lead with 1 second left! The Spurs took a chance to Kawhi Leonard who won MVP of the finals last year and missed. After the game Clippers coach Doc Rivers said he is concerned about CP3 playing in their next game vs Houston but will see how he his for Game 2. 

3 big questions surround the game-

1- Is this the end of the Ginobili, Pop, Duncan and Parker era with them leading the NBA or do they have a finish left in the tank?

2- How do you feel about 2 great teams playing in a Conference Final like game in the 1st round. Rumors say commish Adam Silver is looking to make seeding changes with terrible under .500 teams making it in the east while tough West teams at the 9,10 and possibly 11 seeds can be a playoff team in the East?

3- How do you feel about the Clippers chances to succeed against a great field in the West and a great Rockets team led by MVP candidate James Harden? 

Comment your opinions below on the questions I stated and I will ALWAYS answer your questions about anything when needed! Thanks guys!