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See the photos above first! . . . As many of you guys have seen across social media these past few weeks, the AAF – a brand new professional football league – is kicking off tonight on CBS and I believe it’s going to be a MASSIVE success! . . . First and foremost, the rule changes are excellent. They covered every single necessity to improve the game and I think fans will be very pleased. The pace will be much better and the calls will be much less controversial. I love it. . . . In terms of the play, I think it will be very entertaining. These players are out here to revive their careers and make a statement. They’re going to play unbelievably hard especially with the contract rules as bonuses only make you more cash. I’m also so excited to see some old faces revive their careers! . . . Lastly, I think this is huge for the NFL and I boldly predict the AAF will be officially associated as the NFL’s development league by the end of the season. . . . The NFL has never had a development league and this is the perfect start. The NFL can offer a HUGE sum of money for the rights to look over this league without interfering, and test out rules for the NFL, in the AAF, AND have teams develop players to move up to the NFL. . . . There’s no negative about this league. More football for the fans that’s very watchable. Better rules. Opportunity for the outcasts. And a potential link for the NFL that could be very beneficial. . . . . . What are your thoughts? Will the Alliance be successful?

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