Here we go again… Another year of Baseball ladies and gentlemen. We enter this year coming off the impossible in a Cubs World Series victory, and the tragic passings of two young stars in Marlins ace Jose Fernandez, and Royals ace Yordano Ventura. The future of this league is sitting right in front of us with arguably more young talent than any other pro sports league in the world. It’s gonna be a really fun year, and right in time for Opening Day, I give you my 2nd Annual MLB Preview…



Pretty bold, right. I’m feeling a 1986 World Series rematch, powered by teams with arguably the strongest rotations in baseball. The Mets rotation will be one of the biggest stories in baseball – and will lead them to glory once again.

I end with my biggest stories and predictions to watch around the league this season:

-Red Sox control AL after Sale addition.

-Yanks young guns show up to league and bring a new brand of hardball to the Bronx including a playoff berth.

-AL East is most competitive, will all teams over .500

-Indians push hard for another World Series berth

-White Sox young crew begins to gel – and they pop a ton of eyes out across baseball

-Royals core falls apart by the deadline

-Houston solidifies themselves as World Series contender with one of the best young cores in the league

-Seattle breaks out and ends playoff drought with Wild Card berth

-Angels still can’t get it together with MVP Trout

-Rangers, Jays, and Tigers miss out on postseason

-Mets rotation stays healthy and has historic year

-Mets and Nats have best top spot competition in baseball

-Braves begin to turn things around, and are most entertaining with ROTY Swanson and ageless pitchers in Dickey and Colon

-Cubs run away with division

-Pirates and Cards fight for second, and both miss playoffs

-Dodgers prove depth and make a run at World Series berth

-Rockies surprise league and head to postseason

-Giants miss out on postseason

-D-Backs somewhat start to improve, but still can’t escape 4th.


Stay Tuned…