“He could learn from me.”

In a recent interview on the Barstool Sports PMT podcast, former Heisman trophy recipient, first round pick, and Browns QB, Johnny Manziel, made it CLEAR that he will do everything in his power to keep potential first round pick Baker Mayfield, from following in the troubling footsteps he left behind.
Manziel, 25, has been out of the NFL for years following his release by Cleveland, and announced he’s working hard for a return to football on the Podcast and subsequent comments.
His downfall from mega stardom to troubled NFL free agent was dominated by legal issues he encountered, unacceptable behavior/unprofessionalism, and even depression, per Manziel.

When approached with the question regarding his image being thrown around in comparison with Mayfield – with many already calling him “The Next Manziel” – Johnny talked about how he sees “a lot of himelf” in Baker, but says “they are not the same person”. Mayfield, who was a Senior at Oklahoma this past season, shares a lot of evident similarities with Johnny. They were both raised in a tough, Texas football atmosphere from the start, and headed to big colleges to make a name for themselves. Both are also particularly mobile, athletic Quarterbacks who can make an electric play at any time. But their biggest similarity is their fiery attitude which could sometimes cross the line, and criminal track record.

Mayfield has caused several teams concerns with the on-field incidents he sparked, as well as criminal charges off the field. But he has repeatedly said that the behavior would end, but you always never know with these athletes.

Johnny is right. There’s a ton of red flags and clues of a repeat in history with Baker, but he could certainly use Johnny’s mistakes as examples of how not to lead his promising career. Johnny also emphasized on the fact that him and Baker have a “cool relationship”, which could assure that Johnny keeps an eye on Baker as he enters the NFL.

Will Baker become the next Johnny? Or will he learn from his mistakes? Tag a friend and leave your thoughts below‼️⬇️


(P/C: USA Today)