The Lions found their man, Jim Caldwell to be their next head coach. The Lions were looking for an offensive guy and when Ken Whisenhunt signed with. Tennessee, the Lions took Caldwell. Caldwell had won 2 Super Bowls in 3 appearances. He was 1-2 with Peyton Manning in his Colts days as a HC. He won another with the Ravens and Joe Flacco. The Lions really need to polish their Franchise QB Matthew Stafford, his real problem is he throws too many picks and makes bad decisions. The Lions must put the cherry on top for their D and really work on a receiving core, they have All-purpose RB Reggie Bush and maybe the best WR in the league, Calvin Johnson. Bottom line, it’s a great decision. The Vikings with a new stadium and the Browns with 10 draft picks still have a head coaching vacancy. If it were my decision, it would be the Browns.