On a Personal Note…

The other night I went to the Mets vs. Cardinals game with my family celebrating my Dad’s birthday! It was really fun! We did some cool stuff at Citi Field. We even got to go into the control room! When I grow up, I really want to be a sportscaster and blogger, so this was an awesome experience.  In the room, my brother and I pushed a button to put up the prestigious, Mets Home Run Apple in Center Field! It was really cool! I was also amazed at how much technology there was in the room! (Too many T.V’s for me 🙂 !)  The game was awesome and was great to see the Mets win! (Even though it was COOOOOLLLLLLLLD) I had a great time and experience. Thanks to my parents for taking me to the game and (a late) happy b-day to my dad!...

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Headed to Spring Training

What an awesome birthday present I got today.  Instead of going to school, my parents surprised both my brother and me and told us we were headed to Florida for spring training baseball. We’re going to see the Pirates vs. Phillies game on Friday and then the Yankees vs. Orioles on Saturday! I will definitely give you a report and tell you about my experiences at both the games. Another cool thing that happened today was at the airport we happened to see a group of reporters and their cameras.  We found out they were all sportscasters from different stations in Syracuse, NY like, Time Warner News, ABC, NBC and CBS and were all heading to the college basketball tourney! They were all really nice and they even looked up my blog and followed me on twitter…thanks guys!  It was definitely very cool to meet real sportscasters and hopefully I can now follow their reporting and blogs too.   Here’s a picture of me with my brother and all the sportscasters....

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I’m Back and ‘Runnin!

After an AWESOME vacation to Cancun, Mexico, I am back and running and chasing #300 (my 300th blog), I had a lot of fun in the sun with my family and friends, the Breckers. Sadly, I am back in FREEZING NY!!! 🙁 Shoutout to my parents for taking me on this trip!...

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Summer Sabbatical

Hi again! Today I will be starting sleep away camp so I will be offline for the summer and I will be back in August. It has been a year since I started this blog and i am nearing the big 200 posts and I thank you very much for following and commenting with such nice words and opinions. Have a great...

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