The other night I went to the Mets vs. Cardinals game with my family celebrating my Dad’s birthday! It was really fun! We did some cool stuff at Citi Field. We even got to go into the control room! When I grow up, I really want to be a sportscaster and blogger, so this was an awesome experience.  In the room, my brother and I pushed a button to put up the prestigious, Mets Home Run Apple in Center Field! It was really cool! I was also amazed at how much technology there was in the room! (Too many T.V’s for me 🙂 !)  The game was awesome and was great to see the Mets win! (Even though it was COOOOOLLLLLLLLD) I had a great time and experience. Thanks to my parents for taking me to the game and (a late) happy b-day to my dad! 🙂