Ice Bowl II?

We were expecting the ”Ice Bowl II” yesterday in the Packers vs.9’ers game but the temperature was slightly higher. But still it was like a freezer in Lambeau Field. Both teams were ready and the game was close. QB for the Packers Aaron Rodgers struggled including no completions in the 1st quarter!!! QB for the 9’ers, Colin Kaepernick ran all over the Pack and he has had recent success vs. The pack running. He ran for 98 yards in this game. He had success passing too. His favorite receiver in the game was Michael Crabtree with 8 receptions for 125 yards. Aaron Rodgers just could not do enough and he had a career playoff low, 177 yards in the air. The 49ers won off a Phil Dawson field goal 23-20. The Bengals vs. Chargers game was not as exciting as Cincy struggled in the 2nd half scoring 0 points. The Bolts took over and scored 20 points to win 27-10. Next week in the NFL… Indianapolis @ New England, San Diego @ Denver, New Orleans @ Seattle, San Francisco @ Carolina. In the NBA, the Warriors are on a 9 game win streak after beating the Wizards last night. Look out NBA, Curry’s Warriors are on a roll! In College Football, the BCS National Championship is on tonight with a matchup between Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston vs. The...

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“O.K” OK

Coming off a devastating loss , Alabama faced a #11 Oklahoma team last night in the Sugar Bowl. The game was close through out the game but when Bama QB A.J McCarron (who finished his senior year and a great college career) fumbled and the Sooners returned it they took a 14 point lead to win the game. The MVP in this game was definitely QB Trevor Knight who matched his total SEASON!!!! Stats in the game , he has played in other games, threw for 348 yards and 4 TD’s. He made every deep throw and was really clutch. Coach of the Sooners, Bob Stoops, has now won the BCS National Championship, the Fiesta Bowl, Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl. Wow! I’m really excited for the BCS National Championship on the 6th. In the NFL, Jay Cutler the QB for the Bears, earned a 7 year contract worth A Lot of money. I was not expecting this after the preform acne he had vs. the Packers on Sunday, he was expected to explore free agency. Also in the NFL, RB who was picked up by the G-Men this season with their RB problems, the team he won 2 championships with, he retired after a remarkable career. After his latest championship, he backed up for the Seahawks and...

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New Year football

What a day it was in college football yesterday. There were some great bowls. Here are the 3 bowls from yesterday. Rose bowl – in the “grand daddy of them all” and the 100th version of it, we saw Michigan State face off against Stanford, a usual in this game. The score was 24-17 in favor of Michigan .St, and Stanford kicked a field goal to lessen the deficit to 4. Michigan .St failed to do anything on their drive and punted it to Stanford. On a tough 4th and 1, Michigan. St’s #1 Defense stopped them from going anywhere and won. The tackle that stopped him was by backup LB Kyle Elsworth filling in for superstar captain Max Bullough. Elswoth went airborne and tackled the runner In his tracks. Elsworth won defensive MVP and offensive MVP went to QB Connor Cook. Cook had 332 yards and 2 TD’s. In the Capital One bowl, South Carolina faced off against Wisconsin. This game was a close one but South Carolina won 34-24. QB Connor Shaw had 312 yards and 3 TD’s. In the Tostitos Fiesta bowl two high scoring offenses showed off Ina great matchup, Baylor vs Central Florida. UCF was the youngest franchise to make a BCS Bowl game. It was Baylor’s 1st bowl also. They’ve been around since 1899! The game was very high scoring but ended in...

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What to do?

The top 2 games of yesterday ended in a, “what should we do”? Situation. Lets start with Michigan Vs Ohio State. With 32 seconds left in ten Michigan, Ohio State game Michigan scored a TD to be down 42-41. Coach Brady Hoke was afraid they could not get it done in OT, so they went for the win. Ohio State picked the 2pt conversion off and won the game. The talk of the day was the Alabama vs Auburn game. With minutes remaining Auburn scored a TD to tie the game. Alabama got the ball and ran the ball with about 10 sec left. The running back ran out of bounds. The clock expired so OT was coming. But, they reviewed the play and said he went out with 1 second left. Instead of a Hail Mary, the tried a FG. They pulled their normal kicker after missing 3 FG’s I the game and put in a Freshman to kick the 54 yarder. The field goal was short and it went to the 109 yard line. The person at the back of the end-zone decided to try a run back. Alabama could not tackle him and he ran back for a 109 yard TD. Alabama was handed it’s 1st loss. We’re these coaching decisions...

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Injury Report

There is a huge injury report around the NFL. Houston Texans TE Owen Daniels was reported with a fibula fracture and will be out ranging from 4 to 6 weeks. Lucky for me I traded him yesterday! Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones who has been playing at his peak, was reported with a foot injury and may be out for the season. Both QB’s in the Bills vs Browns who started are injured. Browns QB Brian Hoyer is out for the season and Bills rookie E.J Manuel is out for a few. What’s funny is both these injuries were reported from the same game and on QB Draws! Original starter Brandon Weeden will start for the Browns and Bills have found a few but nobody special. Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski is finally back and Tom Brady is safe also with Danny Amendola back. The Patriots are 4-1. I am so happy! Mark Sanchez, QB for the Jets is under going surgery and will be out for the season. He injured his shoulder in a pre-season game vs the...

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