Jameis Winston capped off his incredible freshman, Heisman Trophy winning, undefeated season with an incredible comeback vs. the magical Auburn Tigers who had some magical finishes that brought them to the final BCS National Championship ever, before the new playoff system next year. Auburn also was trying to extend a 7 game SEC reign on the BCS National Championship. Florida .St is from the ACC. The game started slow and sloppy by both teams with dropped passes and punts. The only high note was Auburn’s pass rush which troubled Winston very much leading to sacks and incomplete passes. Auburn looked great in the 2nd quarter scoring 2 TD’s Melvin Ray on a 50 yard reception TD and a Nick Marshall 4 yard QB run. In the end of the 1st, RB Tre Mason had a rush TD. Florida St. Was down BIG and were in trouble. What do you do when you’re down 21-3? You do a jet sweep fake punt that led to a TD from Devonta Freeman. In the 2nd half it looks more like a National Championship. There was defense in the second half with the only score from the Seminoles on a FG. The score, 21-13. The 4th quarter reminded me of the week 14 Vikings vs. Ravens game in the second half with all those TD’s and ended with a go-ahead TD by the Vikings then a TD with seconds left. We’ll, same scenario in this game. With the score at 27-24 in favor of the Seminoles after an 100 yard kickoff return by the Seminoles, Auburn had some magic and Tre Mason had a beast run to the end-zone to lead the game 31-27. Famous Jameis had 1 more drive and he made it count when he hit his receiver with a great pass for 40 + yards and the next play they drew a pass-interference from Iron Bowl hero, Chris Davis Jr. The ball was at the 2, and what did they do? They gave it to 6’5′ receiver Kelvin Benjamin in the End-Zone towering Chris Davis Jr. For a GW TD! Benjamin was covered like a magnet the whole game but he finished with 4 receptions for 54 yards and that score. He will be drafted high in the upcoming NFL Draft in May, around now, players are making their tough decisions to jump to the NFL. QB Jameis Winston finished with 237 yards, 2 TD’s and a fumble. On the other side of the ball, RB Tre Mason had 34 carries for 195 yards and a TD adding a reception for 42 yards and a TD, he was a Heisman finalist, he deserved it after a string of amazing performances including this game. QB Nick Marshall had 217 yards, 2 TD’s and a pick. The Seminoles were 14-0 this season and dominated every opponent. The Seminoles lost the 1st BCS bowl but won the last.
In the NBA Bulls, Luol Deng was traded to the Cavs for Andrew Bynum and 3 TBD picks. Andrew Bynum will be released today by the Bulls to release a huge contract. Let’s see what the young superstars on the Cavs can do with the superstar Deng.