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After a 10-0 beat-up of the Giants, the Kansas City Royals may feel comfortable with a Game 7, but at home with their electric crowd! The KC crowd was a big factor to staying alive last night in that Game 6 because those fans have been waiting 25 full years for a PLAYOFF TEAM (let alone a World Series)! They WANT IT! Anyway the pitchers tonight will be Tim Hudson for the Giants who is 0-1 this post-season with a 3.72 ERA. For KC, Jeremy Guthrie will pitch who is 1-0 with a 2.70 ERA. Things are looking good for KC but I still have credit to my prediction of Giants winning in Game 7! (Check my recent blogs) The NBA has started with a boom! Here is some news on the 3 first games- Lakers Rookie Julius Randle (who was picked 7th overall this year out of Kentucky) broke his tibia so that’s a big loss for LA who had big hopes for him… Top 3 Performances- 3- James Harden: 32 points, 6 assists, 1 rebound and steal 2- Nikola Vevucivic: 15 points, 23 rebounds, 1 assist 1- Anthony Davis: 26 points, 17 rebounds, 9 blocks There was history made in College Football when they announced the 1st ever standings for the 1st ever College Football playoff. The playoff will have the 4 best teams (not just by...

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J.J puts on a show!

In last night’s Nets vs. Heat game, most of the players wore their Nick-names on their jerseys! It was pretty cool! It went to double OT!!! After 1OT. It got out of hand and the Nets were hitting shots and won by 9. J.J (Joe Johnson) scored 22 points in the 1st quarter! He had 1 miss in the 1st! He finished with 32 points. But that wasn’t enough for the most in the game, King James ( LeBron James), had 36 points but fouled out for the 1st time since 2008. The Nets are 5-0 in the new year. MLB: the MLB is most likely going to make a decision for A-Rod’s 211 game suspension appeal this weekend. I predict if A-Rod loses his appeal it will end his career. In college football, Alabama hired former USC coach Lane Kiffin. Kiffin will help a lot with roll...

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Golden era to Cooperstown

Remember the Braves “Golden Pitching Era”? We’ll 2 of the members were inducted into baseball’s place where legends live, the Hall of Fame. The 2 pitchers were Greg Maddux who had almost a unanimous vote and Tom Glavine who just got over 90%. The other member of 2014 was home-run hitting machine, Frank Thomas. Greg Maddux had 355 wins (8th all time), 4.consecutive Cy Young awards (92-95), he won a record, 18 Gold Gloves and 8 all-star appearances and 1 World Series. He played for the Cubs, Dodgers, Braves and Padres. Maddux’s sidekick Tom Glavine finished his career with 305 wins and 2 all-star appearances and a World Series. He played for the Braves and Mets. Last but not least, Frank Thomas had 512 homers and 1,704 RBI’s and a .301 batting average. He won 2 A.L MVP’s and played 19 seasons with the White Sox, Jays and A’s. Most of the Notable players here were part of the steroid era: Barry Bonds Roger Clements Sammy Sosa Mark McGwire Rafael Palermo (eliminated from further contention.) Her are some players who were very close Craig Biggio Mike Piazza (Go METS!!!) 🙂 Jeff Bagwell Tim Raines… Next year we will see ” The Big Unit” Randy Johnson, another member of those Braves, Closer John Smoltz, Pedro Martinez and former Mets Gary Shefield and Carlos Delgado! Maybe they can get in with...

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Famous Jameis Strikes again!

Jameis Winston capped off his incredible freshman, Heisman Trophy winning, undefeated season with an incredible comeback vs. the magical Auburn Tigers who had some magical finishes that brought them to the final BCS National Championship ever, before the new playoff system next year. Auburn also was trying to extend a 7 game SEC reign on the BCS National Championship. Florida .St is from the ACC. The game started slow and sloppy by both teams with dropped passes and punts. The only high note was Auburn’s pass rush which troubled Winston very much leading to sacks and incomplete passes. Auburn looked great in the 2nd quarter scoring 2 TD’s Melvin Ray on a 50 yard reception TD and a Nick Marshall 4 yard QB run. In the end of the 1st, RB Tre Mason had a rush TD. Florida St. Was down BIG and were in trouble. What do you do when you’re down 21-3? You do a jet sweep fake punt that led to a TD from Devonta Freeman. In the 2nd half it looks more like a National Championship. There was defense in the second half with the only score from the Seminoles on a FG. The score, 21-13. The 4th quarter reminded me of the week 14 Vikings vs. Ravens game in the second half with all those TD’s and ended with a go-ahead TD by the...

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Ice Bowl II?

We were expecting the ”Ice Bowl II” yesterday in the Packers vs.9’ers game but the temperature was slightly higher. But still it was like a freezer in Lambeau Field. Both teams were ready and the game was close. QB for the Packers Aaron Rodgers struggled including no completions in the 1st quarter!!! QB for the 9’ers, Colin Kaepernick ran all over the Pack and he has had recent success vs. The pack running. He ran for 98 yards in this game. He had success passing too. His favorite receiver in the game was Michael Crabtree with 8 receptions for 125 yards. Aaron Rodgers just could not do enough and he had a career playoff low, 177 yards in the air. The 49ers won off a Phil Dawson field goal 23-20. The Bengals vs. Chargers game was not as exciting as Cincy struggled in the 2nd half scoring 0 points. The Bolts took over and scored 20 points to win 27-10. Next week in the NFL… Indianapolis @ New England, San Diego @ Denver, New Orleans @ Seattle, San Francisco @ Carolina. In the NBA, the Warriors are on a 9 game win streak after beating the Wizards last night. Look out NBA, Curry’s Warriors are on a roll! In College Football, the BCS National Championship is on tonight with a matchup between Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston vs. The...

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