Remember the Braves “Golden Pitching Era”? We’ll 2 of the members were inducted into baseball’s place where legends live, the Hall of Fame.
The 2 pitchers were Greg Maddux who had almost a unanimous vote and Tom Glavine who just got over 90%. The other member of 2014 was home-run hitting machine, Frank Thomas.
Greg Maddux had 355 wins (8th all time), 4.consecutive Cy Young awards (92-95), he won a record, 18 Gold Gloves and 8 all-star appearances and 1 World Series. He played for the Cubs, Dodgers, Braves and Padres.
Maddux’s sidekick Tom Glavine finished his career with 305 wins and 2 all-star appearances and a World Series. He played for the Braves and Mets.
Last but not least, Frank Thomas had 512 homers and 1,704 RBI’s and a .301 batting average. He won 2 A.L MVP’s and played 19 seasons with the White Sox, Jays and A’s.
Most of the Notable players here were part of the steroid era:
Barry Bonds
Roger Clements
Sammy Sosa
Mark McGwire
Rafael Palermo (eliminated from further contention.)
Her are some players who were very close
Craig Biggio
Mike Piazza (Go METS!!!) 🙂
Jeff Bagwell
Tim Raines…
Next year we will see ” The Big Unit” Randy Johnson, another member of those Braves, Closer John Smoltz, Pedro Martinez and former Mets Gary Shefield and Carlos Delgado! Maybe they can get in with one of the best catchers of all-time, Mike Piazza! Talking about Piazza, the fans are criticizing the voters for not putting Piazza in!
Who should of made it or will make it next year?
Does a player’s appearance in the steroid era effect their chances?
In the NFL, Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel will go to the NFL after 2 remarkable seasons at A&M. Manziel is projected to hit the top 5, if not, about 10th. Manziel became the 1st freshman to win the Heisman before Jameis Winston did that this year. I believe in this, most Heisman winners have been cursed for winning the Heisman and did not live up to expectations in the NFL.
In the NBA, the Warriors streak of 10 wins was cut short by the Nets last night. They were also going for a record, the 1st team to win all the games in a 7 game road-trip.
More news, Knicks Guard J.R Smith was fined 50 K for untying Mavericks, Shawn Marion’s shoe during a free throw. He also tried that again 2 nights ago vs Detroit. The Knicks are open to trading him…
Will J.R’s nasty moves cost the Knicks in the trade Market?