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An amazing day in sports!

What an amazing day in sports! I have sooooooooooooooooo much to talk about even a Division III college b-ball player who made history. Now first College B-ball! – Yesterday Division III Guard from Grinnell Sophmore Jack Taylor scored 138 pts alone in 176-104 win vs Faith Bapist Bible. Before the game the coach said to dish the ball out to Taylor and get him some shots. Then at half the players still wanted to dish it out to him and they did. He went 52-108 on FG’s and 27-71 on (3pt) FG’s. That was the record for pts for Pro and college b-ball. Congrats Jack on your amazing game. Now to football – Here’s a summary of things that recently happened : (Steelers: Steelers sign former WR Plaxico Burress after ending his 1 year contract with NYJ.) (Steelers: Definitly starting Backup, Backup QB Charlie Batch vs 2-8 Browns.) (49ers: Coach Jim Harbaugh is having trouble picking the starting QB for this week after Colin Kaepernicks amazing game vs Bears. Alex Smith is cleared to start this week but Harbaugh might let him take 1 more week off and let Colin Kaepernick start. ( Ravens: NFL turns Ed Reed’s 1 game suspension into a 50K fine after hit on Steelers Emanual Saunders.) Now to Pro B-ball- Yesterday Lakers new head coach Mike D’Antoni made his coaching debut in Lakers win...

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“Really”! I have a few things to write about that will make you say “Really”! First on Football – In yesterday’s Monday night game which was Bears vs 49ers the Bears played soooooooo bad I can’t even talk about it! Their remarkable Bears Defense has not been doing good lately. They only have 9 fantasy pts in the last 2 wks. They average in the high teens in fantasy pts. Last night they lost 32-7! The real story of the game was that 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick make his 1st ever start at QB and did amazing! In the first 2 series of the 1st Q he only missed 1 pass! He had 2 TD’s with 0 picks! The 49ers D was amazing also! Aldon Smith had 5.5 sacks on Backup Bears QB Jason Cambell! That’s a MNF record! Cambell did not do good in his first start with the bears. It looked like he barely practiced with his new offense and did not know them. Some NFL news is – Ravens : Safety Ray Lewis suspended 1 game for hit on Steelers WR Emanuel Saunders. ESPN football anylists don’t agree. Steelers : Backup QB Bryon Leftwitch not likely to start vs Browns next week. Backup-Backup QB Batch supposed to start. B-Ball: D’antoni says he will most likely coach the Lakers in his coaching debut. College Football : USC...

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MVP’s! Yesterday in sports there were a lot of MVPs. First Baseball – Yesterday the MLB named the MVP’s of the season. In the AL Triple Crown Winner Miguel Cabrera won the MVP over AL rookie of the year Mike Trout. It was very close. In the NL Buster Posey won the MVP. He was the first catcher to do so since Johnny Bench in 1972. He also won comeback player of the year. Now to Football – Yesterday on Thursday night football, Dolphins VS Bills there was a battle of Special Teams. Ryan Lindell got 4 FG’s. The Bills also got a 79 yd punt return. Ryan Thigpen of the dolphins got a 96 yd kickoff return and Ryan Tennahill connected with Davone Bess for a TD. I was really hoping for a Dolphins win for my dad’s pool. Another reason is that now my poor Jets are in last. Hey Rex! “PUT TEBOW IN THE DRIVERS SEAT ALREADY!” Lastly Basketball – The Knicks defeated the Spurs on the road to stay perfecto. The Knicks are 6-0. The Knicks have a important game vs the 6-1 Grizzilies...

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Another Great Day in Sports

Yesterday was another great day in sports. I’ve got a few topics to talk about. 1st Baseball- Yesterday the MLB announced the CY Young winners of the 2012 season. In the NL my man R.A. Dickey won the award. He got 27-32 first place votes. He really earned it. He was the first Knuckleballer to ever win the award. Now in the AL it was close. David Price edged Justin Verlander in the voting. It was the 2nd closest vote in CY Young History since it was a tie in 1969. Tonight is the Announcing of the MVP awards. The front runners for the AL are Miguel Cabrera and AL rookie of the year Mike Trout. For the NL the front runner is Buster Posey. Yesterday Torii Hunter signed a 2 year deal with the Tigers. Now to football- Yesterday Big Ben Rothlisberger was ruled out with a dislocated rib and another injury. For you fantasy owners with him that’s really bad because with this injury he’ll be out for a long time maybe for the season. Pittsburgh QB Bryon Leftwitch will make his first start since 2009. Alex Smith will start against the Bears on Monday night after getting a councussion in last weeks tie vs the Rams. Michael Vick is out and Nick Foles will start as of now. Clay Matthews was ruled out for Sundays game...

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No Way!

BREAKING NEWS! Early this morning former Suns and Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni signed a 4 year contract with the LA Lakers over former coach Phil Jackson. Laker coach Mike Brown was just recently fired after the Lakers 1-4 start. Everybody is suprised that D’Antoni was named the coach over Jackson. I think that Jackson should of been the new head coach because he has more experience as a Laker coach. Is this a good decision or...

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