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Another Great Day in Sports

Yesterday was another great day in sports. I’ve got a few topics to talk about. 1st Baseball- Yesterday the MLB announced the CY Young winners of the 2012 season. In the NL my man R.A. Dickey won the award. He got 27-32 first place votes. He really earned it. He was the first Knuckleballer to ever win the award. Now in the AL it was close. David Price edged Justin Verlander in the voting. It was the 2nd closest vote in CY Young History since it was a tie in 1969. Tonight is the Announcing of the MVP awards. The front runners for the AL are Miguel Cabrera and AL rookie of the year Mike Trout. For the NL the front runner is Buster Posey. Yesterday Torii Hunter signed a 2 year deal with the Tigers. Now to football- Yesterday Big Ben Rothlisberger was ruled out with a dislocated rib and another injury. For you fantasy owners with him that’s really bad because with this injury he’ll be out for a long time maybe for the season. Pittsburgh QB Bryon Leftwitch will make his first start since 2009. Alex Smith will start against the Bears on Monday night after getting a councussion in last weeks tie vs the Rams. Michael Vick is out and Nick Foles will start as of now. Clay Matthews was ruled out for Sundays game...

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No Way!

BREAKING NEWS! Early this morning former Suns and Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni signed a 4 year contract with the LA Lakers over former coach Phil Jackson. Laker coach Mike Brown was just recently fired after the Lakers 1-4 start. Everybody is suprised that D’Antoni was named the coach over Jackson. I think that Jackson should of been the new head coach because he has more experience as a Laker coach. Is this a good decision or...

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Too good for World Champions.

Last night the new Knicks dominated the World Champion Heat 104-84! The Knicks played amazing! Soooooo much better than I thought! The star of the game was Knicks Carmelo Anthony. He scored 30 pts had 10 Reb and 2 ast. Also for the Knicks Raymond Felton made his return to the Knicks last night after playing with the Raptors last season. He had a team high 9 ast with 14 pts and 4 Reb. Rumors from ESPN say that Feltons a better PG than Jermey Lin! Some other debuts were: Jason Kidd, Ronnie Brewer, Rasheed Wallace, Kurt Thomas, James White and Pablo Prigioni. Thats why this team is new! The Heat had nothing to show against the Knicks. LeBron James scored 23 had 7 reb 5 ast and 3 blk’s. Can the Knicks continue playing this...

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New Faces in new Places

There have been a lot of trades lately! In my opinion, these are the top 5 trades: #5 Ichiro to the Yankees #4 Hanley Ramirez to the Dodgers #3 Ryan Dempster to the Rangers #2 Andre Iguodala to the Nuggets #1 Dwight Howard to the Lakers Too bad my Mets couldn’t get any pitchers by the trading deadline....

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