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Eleven wins, Twelve wins!

11 wins in an row, 12 wins in a row! Will they ever stop? NBA- Currently in the NBA two teams are on an awesome winning streak! Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and the Clippers are riding an 11 game winning streak, their longest dating back to 40+ years ago and Russel Westbrook, Kevin Durant and the Thunder are riding a 12 game winning streak after making it to the Finals last year losing to King James and the Heat. Will this last? Soccer – In the UEFA champions league there are 2 great upcoming matches… From the Barclays Premier League Wayne Roony, Robin Ven Persie and Manchester United vs Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid. In the 2nd match AC Milan will face off vs the probable best club team in soccer FC Barcalona and Lionel Messi who is probably impossible to stop from scoring. Who will win in these great...

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What are you doing????

Here is a story that made me say “what are you doing?” Football – Seahawks WR Braylon Edwards is now on the Jets! You might think what did he possibly do wrong? Well he only decided to go on the Jets because he wanted to help Sanchez and he’s now tweeting that Sanchez is better than all the rest of the good QB’s on the Jets! 1st of all he’s never been on the Jets since 2010 and that’s when Sanchez was actually good. And 2nd of all why go on the struggling Jets when you’re on a winning team with a great rookie QB and your record is 8-5! What do you...

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GO KNICKS! Yesterday the Anthony-less Knicks beat the Heat 112-92. In the 1st Q the Heat scored 26 while the Knicks had 23 – at the buzzer the Heat got a 3 to get 26. In the 2nd Q the Knicks dominated, scoring 30 when the Heat scored 27 to tie the game at half time 53-53. Raymond Felton was a big key in this game when Melo was sitting out. He scored 27 pts and had 4 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 steals. The rest was a nightmare for the Heat when the Knicks scored 59 pts in the 2nd half. The Heat scored 39. The heat was not shooting well last night. They also played no D. The Knicks are now 2-0 vs the Heat this season. On a side note – tomorrow night is the announcing of the Heisman trophy winner. The finalists are : QB’s Colin Klien and rookie Johnny Manziel. The other one is Defender Manti Te’o. Blog #97 3 more to...

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Sports, sports, sportity sports!

Sports, sports, sportity sports! I have a lot to write about for my 96th blog post. 4 more to go! First some Soccer news : Yesterday Barcalona superstar Lionel Messi was carted of the field when he tripped on the Benfcia goalie and missed a left foot shot. In the champions league thats a BIG loss for FC Barcalona. Messi’s literally the only scorer on Barcalona and that makes them win games. It’s was already bad for Barcalona when they lost star defender Puyol. Quick update from scorecenter is : Messi starts light workout on Friday after knee bruise in draw vs Benfica. Now B-ball : Yesterday was a big day in B-ball. First Laker news : KB30K! Kobe Bryant of the Lakers made big history last night. He got his 30 thousandth pt yesterday vs the Hornets. He joined these ledgends in the club : Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem-Abdul-Jabbar and Karl Malone. Kobe was also the youngest player to do that at 34 years and 104 days. That’s a big milestone for Bryant. Even former Laker Magic Johnson said “he’s the best laker in history.” Now I’m reporting the Knicks : “J.R. SSMMIITTHH”! J.R Smith did a little for a lot. With 3.4 seconds left in the 98-98 tie game vs Michael Jordan’s Bobcats. J.R Smith called a timeout, got the ball back with nearly 1 second...

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Post # 95…getting closer! OMG! The 12-3 Heat lost 105-101 last night against the 1-13 Washington Wizards! The Heat was tied for the best record in the NBA before this pathetic loss! The Heat played a poor defensive game against the Wizards. Did the Wizards win because RG3 was there cheering them...

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