Breaking news, the Stanford Cardinals have won the rose bowl, without Andrew Luck?

Some news about the bowls that occurred yesterday…

I will start off with the Outback bowl between #18 Michigan and #10 South Carolina. This game was close the entire game but it changed in the last 11 seconds when the backup SC QB threw a TD and South Carolina won 34-27.

2nd – the Rose Bowl. #6 Stanford and the unranked Wisconsin Badgers faced off in the Rose Bowl yesterday. This was another close game. Wisconsin RB Montee Ball was the key for Wisconsin to stay close in this game but Stanford pulled it out in the end with a 20-16 win. Here are 2 fun facts about this game: 1. Both current QB’s for Wisconsin and Stanford are new but their QB’s from last year are in the playoffs. Andrew Luck and Russel Wilson of the Colts and Seahawks.
2. This is the 4th straight year Wisconsin was in the Rose bowl and it was their 3rd straight year losing in it.