Maybe he knew this was coming all along!

A few months ago, we all laughed at LaVar Ball’s outlandish plan to launch a league named the JBA (Junior Basketball Association) for players coming out of High School, looking to go pro as soon as possible.

The perk of Lavar’s league was that the players not interested in an education could skip the one-and-done year of collegiate ball, and get PAID in Lavar’s league – something that the NCAA does not provide.
Now following the recent terrible allegations from the FBI exposing colleges of paying players to commit to their teams, LaVar looks like a GENIUS for his mastermind idea of a league.

Let’s set the facts straight… The NCAA has drawn the common opinion that it is a corrupt organization, and an absolute mess on top of everything.

It’s certain that a vast majority of the college basketball players in particular are looking to start their NBA careers as soon as possible, which means going “one and done” in college. They have little to no care in academics, as they all strongly believe they’ll all make millions in professional basketball.

So whether you want to admit it or not, Lavar’s plan for the league is incredible. The JBA could achieve two primary things.

Firstly, it solves the debate on whether players should be paid in their college-aged years and lets the athletes focus on basketball over academics if they truly think they have what it takes.

Secondly, it could serve as a HUGE wake-up call for the NCAA to “get their stuff together” – and could eventually lead to massive changes in not only college basketball, but college SPORTS as a whole.

What’s your thoughts on this? Could Lavar’s league actually succeed?


(P/C: GQ)