I played my 2nd baseball game last night (3rd for my team) and took are 1st win 10-9. In the game I pitched 4 innings in the cold and actually let up my 1st hit in the 4th inning! But we let up 5 runs on walks and stolen bases to home while we had 1 error that a batter reached 1st on. I had 2 doubles, a line out and a Game winning RBI walk (I wish it was a hit). We saved the game in the top of the 6th (last inning) with a nice save and runners on 2nd and 3rd! Great game guys! 

   In our 1st game even crazier we got up 9-0 by the top of the 2nd and in the other team’s bottom of the 2nd, they scored 7 and made some comebacks! Then by the end it was 11-9 us heading into the bottom of the sixth. And we tied, how? Because they stole home TWICE! On a strike out AND a walk. Who knew? I was really confused.  Leave your thoughts below!!!