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Time to Make the Pro Bowl and All-Star Game Great Again

  Commissioners Goodell and Silver, how in the world did you mess this up too?     The Pro Bowl and NBA All-Star games are absolute disasters that could be easily fixed with some common sense from the men in charge. I mean seriously, your task is to put out a watchable product with the world’s best players in your respective sport, and you somehow find a way to screw it up with some new non-sense year after year. It’s simple.     There are so many points to touch on regarding this commonly debated topic, and well get through...

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What to Really Expect From the XFL Experience 2.0

Time for yet another disaster? WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon announced today that he is officially bringing back the infamous crap-shoot of the XFL in 2020. According to McMahon, the league will consist of 8 teams of 40 players, with a 10 week schedule starting in January/February. The cities of the teams are currently unknown. If any of you remember, this same guy set out in 2001 to have his new league, the original XFL, take over the NFL with a new, exciting brand of football. Let’s keep this simple and say it couldn’t have gone worse. The season started out with immense hype and ratings, and concluded...

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Why in the World Did We Underestimate the Eagles?

Following the Eagles utter domination of the Vikings in the NFC Championship, my first thought was “How in the world did the EAGLES make the Super Bowl?” And once I really thought it through, there was one simple answer: Philly IS the best team in the NFC! No statistics, no advanced analytics are needed folks, it’s clear. There’s a reason why this team was a 1-seed, why they went 13-3… They outplayed their opponents and grinded out wins ALL SEASON LONG and proved that they are capable of winning under any circumstances. And we still doubted them in the playoffs (this “we” strongly includes myself). We...

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What’s the Difference Between a Good, and Dirty Rivalry?

To many sports fans, there’s nothing better than a good, old-fashioned, gritty rivalry between two teams. I‎t makes the game much more entertaining and of course, worth so much more to the players. Although, amongst all of this there is a fine-line between a tough rivalry – and a dirty, unacceptable one… Before their Monday Night Football clash, the Steelers and Bengals have had a long history of dirty hits, trash-talk and of course – great games. MNF, however saw two players receive one game bans, as well as two leaving on a backboard because of injury. Pittsburgh stud LB, Ryan Shazier was rushed to the hospital...

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The NFL NEEDS to do Something About Thursday Night Football Games

We all may love the awesome Color Rush jerseys, and seeing our fantasy football players face off under the bright lights of Thursday Night Football; but we’ve officially hit the realization that TNF is DANGEROUS, and is not worth all the hype. Last night in the NFC West showdown between Seattle and Arizona, we saw Cardinals DB Tyvon Branch tore his ACL, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson was nearing the concussion protocol, and to top it off, big-name CB, Richard Sherman tear his Achilles’ tendon – ending his season immediately. We have enough evidence to prove that playing on a...

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