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The Unlikely Hero that Will SAVE Antonio Callaway’s Career

During Saturday’s fourth round of the NFL Draft, Browns GM John Dorsey rolled the dice and decided to take a chance on the ultra-talented, yet massively troubled WR Antonio Callaway out of UF. With problems ranging from police brawls, drug use, immature behavior and failed tests, Callaway’s college career was an absolute mess that lead to a full season suspension from the Gators in 2017. Obviously, this brought down his solidified first round draft stock dramatically, landing in the fourth to Cleveland. Though, this may have been the best thing to happen to him. And here’s why: In case...

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Breaking Down the OBJ Trade Rumors

Let me start off with this; Giants fans, stay calm. For the past few days, countless rumors of an Odell Beckham Jr. trade have covered the football world and have frightened the hell out of Giants fans. OBJ said in a statement that he will hold out until a fresh, new contract is handed to him by the G-Men, similar to what Le’Veon Bell has threatened to do. Beckham is still on a rookie deal, and is obviously sitting here seeing receivers like Sammy Watkins grab $16M annual contracts this offseason. The Giants responded to this by giving several...

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The Browns Didn’t Just Improve Today; they Sent a HUGE Message to the NFL

Today, the Browns went all out and acquired a stud wideout in Jarvis Landry, a very solid veteran bridge Quarterback in Tyrod Taylor, and a really underrated CB in Damarious Randall, all for almost nothing. They were three GENIUS moves by the new Browns executives, and they are for sure off to the right start, and taking a huge step forward. But not only did Cleveland improve talent wise today, but they sent a very important message out to the football world: this new Browns leadership is not looking to be a laughing-stock – they’re here to WIN. Subsequent...

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Why the Jets Should NOT Offer a Massive Deal to Kirk Cousins

This offseason, the Jets have the golden opportunity to finally find their franchise QB, as they’ve had a gaping hole at the position for nearly fifty years now, and come into this spring with nearly $80M in cap, and a top 6 draft pick. And to top it off, they’re picking from an extremely strong, and deep QB free agent and draft class to fill that void in NY. Reports surfaced today that the Jets will go “all-in” for Kirk Cousins – the undisputed top QB choice for this offseason – and offer all they have for his services....

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Is Baker Mayfield Really “The Next” Johnny Manziel?

“He could learn from me.” In a recent interview on the Barstool Sports PMT podcast, former Heisman trophy recipient, first round pick, and Browns QB, Johnny Manziel, made it CLEAR that he will do everything in his power to keep potential first round pick Baker Mayfield, from following in the troubling footsteps he left behind. Manziel, 25, has been out of the NFL for years following his release by Cleveland, and announced he’s working hard for a return to football on the Podcast and subsequent comments. His downfall from mega stardom to troubled NFL free agent was dominated by...

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