Its a Tie!!! Yesterday the New York Knicks faced off against the Brooklyn Nets in the battle for NY. The Nets won the first game, the Knicks won the 2nd game when J.R Smith hit that amazing shot, and in the third game the Knicks won in a blowout. Game 4… This game was a BIG sell-out. A LOT of Knick fans came. Here’s the game…. In the 1st quarter the Knicks settled for 24 pts when the Nets scored 26. In the 2nd quarter the Knicks scored 17 pts to the Nets 21. In the 3rd the Knicks started to dominate scoring 28 pts in a BIG 3rd quarter when they went on a 13-2 run and there was great passes, all swishes and steals on all the Nets drives to hold them to 18 pts. In the 4th the Knicks played sloppy. The Knicks scored 17 pts and the Nets scored 23 pts to take the road win and tie the series.