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Tonight’s Draft Lottery Will Decide Whether or not it is Fixed

As we approach the NBA Draft Lottery in 15 minutes, I need to get a quick point out to watch for. I strongly believe the Draft Lottery is, and has been fixed for a long time and there’s too much evidence to prove that from the insane odds big market teams overcame to get a top pick, to falling small market teams, to the Frozen Envelope conspiracy and of course, the pure fact that the process of the ping pong balls determining the picks ISN’T EVEN TELEVISED! Regardless, I strongly believe that tonight’s lotto will either calm down my...

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Why David Fizdale is the PERFECT Head Coach for the Knicks

Knicks fans, we may have finally found our savior. Yesterday, the Knicks hired former Heat AC, and Grizzlies HC David Fizdale to a four year deal to become their new head coach, and I love the move. First of all, if there is anyone who won’t fall under the pressure of coaching in New York, it’s Fiz. This man has more confidence and fire than almost any coach I’ve ever seen, and it’s displayed on and off the court. This again is crucial to coaching in New York as coaches and players are literally crumbled from the pressure year...

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The Real Reason Why Kawhi Is Not Playing

While this seemingly never-ending Kawhi Leonard drama continues to confuse the whole basketball world, I think the reasoning behind the whole debacle is rather simple. Kawhi isn’t still hurt, Kawhi isn’t even scared to get hurt again; he just doesn’t want to be there. I saw a very interesting comparison the other day that compared the inside atmosphere of the New England Patriots to the San Antonio Spurs and I couldn’t have agreed more. Both organizations are lead by head coaches (Belichick and Popovich) who’s hidden tactics and lack of flashiness have proved to be more successful than any...

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Why the NCAA x Arizona Allegations IMMENSELY Benefit Lavar Ball

Maybe he knew this was coming all along! A few months ago, we all laughed at LaVar Ball’s outlandish plan to launch a league named the JBA (Junior Basketball Association) for players coming out of High School, looking to go pro as soon as possible. The perk of Lavar’s league was that the players not interested in an education could skip the one-and-done year of collegiate ball, and get PAID in Lavar’s league – something that the NCAA does not provide. Now following the recent terrible allegations from the FBI exposing colleges of paying players to commit to their...

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Why the NBA May HAVE to Implement a New Playoff Seeding Format

In an interview during All-Star Weekend, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver spoke about the possibility of a new playoff seeding format where instead of the top 8 teams from each conference making the postseason, the 16 best teams in the league make it seeded in order of best record. This is far from an outrageous or league altering change, and if anything – it could benefit the league. The obvious reason would be to assure that the best 16 would always compete for the title, eliminating the ongoing controversy of how overpowered the West is compared to the East. But...

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