If I had to describe last night’s draft in one word it would be conservative. Almost every pick was a low-risk one that filled an evident team need. With that, here’s my overall reaction of the 2018 NBA Draft.
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PG’s: I really liked Dallas’ move to trade up for Doncic considering how beneficial Dirk can be for him in his transition to the NBA, which was the biggest factor holding him back in any way. Trae Young also enters a team with a clear cut opportunity to be the star just as he did in Oklahoma, now with Atlanta. I was also a fan of the Sexton pick as I feel he could be a very nice piece for Cleveland for years to come, regardless of LeBron’s status.

SG’s: I really thought the Lonnie Walker pick by the Spurs was a great one as Pop could utilize his unique skill set in a very good way. I’m also fine with where Allen and Divincienzo went as both were very controversial prospects that flew all over draft boards. Both are nice pieces to supplement their team’s young, solid cores.

Forwards: As a Knick fan, I really think they did the right thing taking Knox at 9. They are looking for a star that can play for a long time so considering his age, and potential versus Mikal Bridges specifically, I’m a fan. I am a bit puzzled on why Philly traded Mikal Bridges to Phoenix all jokes aside. He’s a perfect fit for that team considering their starting group, and would help them win now. Zhaire Smith may have more potential, but isn’t a win now guy. Though, the trade may have been made mostly in part of the 2021 Miami first rounder involved, that was sent to Philly. We’ll have to see how they use that. Lastly, I’m genuinely not surprised that Porter fell. While I strongly believe he’s a top three prospect when healthy, there CERTAINLY was some kind of concern that every team saw with his health. Though if he could stay on the court, Denver got themselves a hell of a player.

Big Men: All five of these top ten picks were again, low risk, high reward selections. I think Ayton and Bagley will be franchise centerpieces for a long time and complement the young guards on their teams very well. Bamba, Carter and Jackson may be less polished, but have the ability to become stars in this league with their attributes already possessed.

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What are your thoughts on how the draft played out? Do you approve of your team’s pick?