Many do jump to conclusions after just one week of play, but here are a collection of Hot Takes that I have full confidence in:
. . . . .
• The Bills are undoubtedly the WORST team in football, and have a NIGHTMARISH situation at QB

• It’s NOT too early to say Matt Patricia is an AWFUL HC

• COACHING is the only reason why the Browns may be poor this season

• Barkley and Beckham are worth EVERY piece of hype

• The Bears got a HISTORICAL bargain for Mack

• Sam Darnold and the Jets are LEGIT can could very well win 8-10 games.

• Jason Garrett SHOULD but won’t be fired

• The Bucs win was a complete FLUKE

• Deshaun Watson will not come NEAR last season’s performance mostly because of his knee

• Miami, Cincy, and Washington are VERY underrated

• Don’t worry AT ALL about the Saints, Steelers and Chargers

• The Ravens did play an awful team, but they are LEGIT PLAYOFF DARK HORSES

• The Mahomes x Hill duo is THAT good and will be that good on a WEEKLY basis

• The Jags-O is a HUGE concern, but the D is still unreal

• Aaron Rodgers is undoubtedly the Packers ONLY HOPE

• The Eagles are lucky for their easy WK2 matchup, but need Wentz back ASAP

• The Rams, Vikings and Eagles are easily the MOST complete teams in football
. . . . .
And for a bonus, I don’t think Le’Veon Bell will play a SINGLE SNAP for Pittsburgh this season. The entire team – players and officials – are completely against him and for Conner. He may very well be traded in the coming weeks.




And to cap off an AWESOME opening week, here are my first power rankings of the season!
. . . . .
32. BUF
31. IND
30. SEA
29. OAK
28. ARZ
27. DET
26. CLE
25. TB
24. DAL
23. NYG
22. TEN
21. MIA
20. CIN
19. HOU
18. SF
17. NYJ
16. CHI
15. WSH
14. DEN
13. CAR
12. ATL
11. PIT
10. LAC
9. NO
8. BAL
7. KC
6. JAC
5. GB
4. NE
3. PHI
2. LAR
1. MIN