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There were many headlines in a span of Sunday morning to this morning! Here are some… -James Shields signs with Padres on 4 year $72 million deal to become the highest paid Padre of all time -Former UNC basketball coach Dean Smith passed away at age 83. He had 879 wins, 11 final 4’s, 2 championships, a medal of freedom honor in 2013 and more than that, the respect of many players! RIP Coach Smith -Clippers PF Blake Griffin will be out for 6-8 weeks after a shoulder injury… -Panthers DE Greg Hardy’s domestic violence case was dropped today after being out the whole year… -Follow my new Instagram account (@coleonsports) for live sports updates! Also follow the coleonsports page on Facebook and @coleonsports on...

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Irving Drops NBA High in Win

We had a lot of big news in the sports universe today so here are the top 10 headlines… *The Hawks continued their 17 game NBA high and franchise win streak (of this year) with a 113-102 win vs. the struggling Nets *With King James out Kyrie Irving had the performance of the year with 55 points (NBA high) and the go ahead 3 in the closing seconds. The Cavs are now riding a terrific 8 game win streak *Coach K’s squad stumbled again to Norte Dame yesterday losing 77-73 in the closing minutes. Duke is now at an unknown 17-3 for them… *Chile edges out the US 3-2 in an international friendly… *Marshawn Lynch was fined again, not for gold cleats, not for media problems but for wearing a new “beastmode” hat thats pretty cool. Ugh, why does everyone have to be uniform these days. *(More Lynch) after responding “i’m here so I won’t get fined” 29 times on media day while he ended on a timer, he had a similar act today saying “You know why i’m here” a lot. *Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova advanced to the womens Aussie open finals… *Cristiano Ronaldo was suspened 2 games for kicking an opponent after being red carded and will come back vs. Athletico Madrid… *The Brocos hired Wade Phillips to be their DC yesterday while the 9’ers promoted...

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Big Day for Big Blue

The Michigan wolverine athletic program had a big day yesterday. Michigan fired there Football coach Brady Hoke after his 4th season leading Michigan to a sub .500 record (5-7). Hoke has been decent as a coach but this season ruined his résumé. Michigan is targeting 49’ers head coach Jim Harbaugh who is almost certainly out with the struggling 9’ers who ruined their locker room pride. Harbaugh has been to a Super Bowl losing to the Ravens and his bro also losing to the Seahawks by seconds last season in the NFC Chip. Harbs has a high relationship with Michigan so you can’t count this out. Some good news❗️Michigan’s b-ball team beat the ‘Cuse by 3 in the final minute/seconds 68-65 in the Big 10 vs. ACC challenge! Spike Aldrecht had 9 dimes and 2 impressive ones in the win adding the go-ahead 3 from NBA range! Michigan is #17 in the country with a 5-1 record on a tough loss to a good...

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UConn Wins it ALL Again!

Yes, UConn‘s mens and women’s team won the NCAA championship after Women’s UConn beat Norte Dame 79-58. UConn went 40-0 through the season and tourney and ND went 37-1. Brianna Stewart had 21 points and 9 boards in the big win. This is the 2nd time a college has won both championships, who did it? UConn . This is UConn’s 9th championship and that surpassed the Tennessee Lady Volunteers. Great win for UConn… Kevin Durant’s streak of 25 point games was snapped last night when he scored 23 against Sacramento. OKC still won by 15. In baseball, Mets new pitcher Bartolo Colon pitched 7 scoreless innings in the Mets 4-0 win vs. the Braves. There were many before the game celebrations because yesterday 40 years ago, the legendary slugger Hank Aaron surpassed the great bambino Babe Ruth’s all-time home runs. This record looked impossible to many but Aaron did it. This record still may be impossible because Barry Bonds current record may be taken away due to the still pending investigation on use of illegal PEDs. Aaron has the most RBI’s in MLB history and maybe the best slugger to EVER...

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Huskies Win It All!

The Uconn Huskies were the victors of last night’s national championship.   UConn was led by Shabazz Napier with 22 points and 6 rebounds and the best player of the Final 4 award.  I could see a ghost of former Uconn Superstar PG Kemba Walker in Shabazz , Kemba is now with the Charlotte Bobcats who finally clinched the playoffs last week. This is coach Kevin Olllie‘s 1st championship in his 1st season with UConn. The Kentucky Wildcats were led by James Young with 20 points and 7 boards. The underdog can always win and UConn did just...

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